Saturday, September 4, 2010

Make your own colloidal silver

This is all thats needed! A 12vdc WallWart ( transformer ) two .999 fine silver ribbons and a glass jug of DISTILLED WATER.

colloidal silver works. the problem with it is that the crooks and con artists have given it a bad name. if it didn't work for you the reason is you didn't have colloidal silver. the FDA did a survey of 36 brands of colloidal silver. of those tested only 6 had ANY measurable silver content. of those only ONE had the advertised amount. so it is critical that you make your own to be assured that you are using colloidal silver.

colloidal silver is easy to make. .

1) you need DISTILLED WATER. why not make at least a gallon batch? or better yet 5 gals. since you buy distilled water in those sizes. since distilled water does NOT conduct electricity you will need a couple grains of pre-dissolved salt added. while most other "experts decry the use of salt it ACTUALLY improves the product. studies indicate that colloidal silver may actually work by reacting with the bodies salt to form SILVER CHLORIDE which has known health benefits.

2) silver dis-associates beginning at 9.37 volts. while 2ea. 9vdc batteries in series does work they are quickly depleted. for a more durable method we use a common WALL WART. the plug in wall transformer we all have a bunch of. the BEST are 12vdc output and at least 1 WATT but 5+ is even better. i also use a SOLAR powered CS generator as well as one that plugs into a common vehicle cigarette lighter and another that clips to a auto battery.

3) you MUST use .999 fine silver. NOTHING LESS than .999 fine. while you can use ANY .999 silver the best configuration is FLAT RIBBON as IONS flow best off edges/points.
insert the silver into the water. make sure the elements don't touch each other and that the alligator clips are not in the water. connect the wallwart ( you've put alligator clips on the wires) and plug it in. as stated you will see "SMOKE" bieng emitted.

when there is OBVIOUSLY colloidal silver in the container it's done. DON"T get obsessive about PPM etc.... studies indicate 5PPM CS is ENOUGH. when the water has the appearence of having a couple drops of milk added it's ready to use. it's common practice to use a LASER to view the CS. shine the LASER through it. when you can see it in the water it's ready. thats called the TYNDAL EFFECT. heres what it looks like

the time needed varies with the silver size, voltage, wattage etc. usually about half hour as i describe. TIP: clean the elements with a 3m brightener pad immediately after use before the blue discoloration hardens.

from left to right in 5ppm increments starting with 5ppm ending with 40ppm

heres the EASIEST and cheapest way to do it. it's simply a 9 volt battery terminal which has been divided into two seperate wires. i got mine from my junk box. slit the terminal open with scissors. i put a dab of 100% clear silicone caulk on each terminal where the wire connects for strength so the wires don't break from use.

it don't get any easier than this. the only problem is the batteries are depleted after a few gallons of CS.

you can do the same with a CIGARETTE LIGHTER PLUG. works even better because it's 12vdc and will work anywhere you have access to a cigarette lighter plug.

you can also do the same thing with a small solar cell or even just two pieces of wire hooked up to ANY electrical source of 9 volts or greater.

If you make or tried to make cs and found it difficult there is a reason.
Don't ask me why but I have found that some containers are difficult to make CS in the FIRST TIME you try.
Try "pickling" the container first by adding salt to the water. Make a strong batch first time.
Either discard this batch or use topically or on animals.
You find the cs makes easily in the container after pickling .
some containers, both glass and plastic, will not make CS not matter what.

if you want to measure the PPM use a HANNA meter ( $12) which also comes free in some water filter pitcher kits.

while colloidal silver is truly miraculous for healing it is even more so as a PREVENTATIVE.... DRINK AS MUCH AS YOU WANT. it won't possibly harm you. we have taken HUGH AMOUNTS DAILY for over a decade. the only side effect is PERFECT HEALTH. we use approx. 5 gallons weekly. for instance i bottle my own distilled water for drinking. i put an OUNCE of CS in EVERY BOTTLE.i drink several daily. the CS keeps them fresh tasting. we use it for every use stated in my blog.

store in glass container out of the light if possible. store in plastic for a couple months only because it plates the silver out. but some have tested this and swear it lasts as well in plastic.

take colloidal silver BY ITSELF. do not make tea with it etc. theres no reason. CS is nearly tasteless. i say nearly because some people can't taste it but some can. heating does nothing to it.

since CS attaches to organic matter you weaken it by making tea with it etc. best taken on empty stomach. by itself.

i have made thousands of gallons of CS. i know hundreds of DAILY USERS. ALL have similar experiences. not only does it work EVERY TIME but it is QUICK and SURE! you will have NO DOUBT about it's effectiveness.

make it! pass it around! Spread the word. teach others how to make it. this is truly miraculous stuff. the TRUTH is that COLLOIDAL SILVER is a SUPPRESSED MIRACLE REMEDY ! no if's an's or buts about it.

you will need a wallwart of at least 12vdc@500ma but the larger the better. here are some suppliers.

heres some large ones

you will need .999 fine silver ribbon. here are a couple suppliers. we use this ribbon because we've found thar ribbon works better than wire or rod because ions flow best off an edge. if you use riogrande to buy your silver you must say that you're making jewelry NOT colloidal silver. for liability reasons they won't sell it to you if you say you're making CS with it.

other suppliers could be your local jeweler or

UPDATE! ARGYRIA ( blue people )

do not believe this bullshit! just because someone says they took colloidal silver and it turned them blue does NOT mean it's true. EVERY person who ever got argyria, that you have seen in the media, did NOT take COLLOIDAL SILVER. do some investigation for yourself! take for instance the most recent BLUE GUY who was on OPRAH WINFREY. did you see what he took? it looked like a glass of MUD! that was NOT COLLOIDAL SILVER. just because he called it that didn't make it so. EVERY blue person you can find will say, if you read thier stories, that they made extremely strong drink. always dark grey to black in color and took an enormous amount of it for extended periods. COLLOIDAL is a state of matter narrowly defined by particle size and concentration. COLLOIDAL SILVER is nearly colorless, invisible to the naked eye. THATS WHY we need to use LASERS or HANNAH METERS to assure we have actual colloidal silver.

what those quacks made was SILVER SOLUTION NOT COLLOIDAL SILVER. silver solution will cause argyria. but even so it takes ingestion of a large amount over an extended time. Theres NEVER been a proven case of argyria from properly made COLLOIDAL SILVER taken in reasonable amounts. NEVER!

I personally have taken an ounce daily first thing in the morning for 12+ years. ditto for my wife. I know DOZENS of others who have done similar. no one has turned blue. the only noticable side effect is PERFECT HEALTH. ALL of them haven't even had the sniffles since they began taking PROPERLY MADE COLLOIDAL SILVER.

colloidal silver is easy to make. but so is beer. yet few people make their own beer.
for those of you who want to buy colloidal silver and want to rest assured of it's quality here is my product.


  1. You are right about the turning blue issues, however, I have heard from many sources that you do not EVER add salt or sodium, as this turns it into silver chloride, and many also believe that is what can turn you blue, albeit, in large quantities over a period of time, but, it is because the particles are too large to pass through membranes and cell walls so silver particles accumulate in the body over time, and that is why you become permanently blue. (You may also be incredibly healthy too, haha)
    I have also read that in the early 1900s, Dr's would administer silver chloride to patients for various ailments, until they started turning blue, and they stopped using it. I would research that a little more if I were you, and make sure you aren't giving bad info on adding salt, that is also what the Blue Man on Oprah said he did, was after reading about adding salt, he started doing that, and later turned blue.

    1. As I said... we have made it as stated and used it as stated for over a decade and know many others who have done same. None have turned blue yet. The difference is that you are quoting bullshit artists THEORIES ! I speak from EXPERIENCE !
      Also please note that I said to dissolvea few GRAINS of seasalt for the INITIAL BATCH and save some CS as a STARTER for subsiquent batches.
      I stand by those instructions.

    2. As I said... we have made it as stated and used it as stated for over a decade and know many others who have done same. None have turned blue yet. The difference is that you are quoting bullshit artists THEORIES ! I speak from EXPERIENCE !
      Also please note that I said to dissolvea few GRAINS of seasalt for the INITIAL BATCH and save some CS as a STARTER for subsiquent batches.
      I stand by those instructions.

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    1. ROFLMAO ! When I first googled colloidal silver, I got ZERO HITS. The very FIRST time it was in the www lexicon I PUT IT There ! You should be quoting me to them.LOL... in addition I have THOUSANDS of people I have provided CS to and HUNDREDS more that I have taught to make it, including several doctors. NONE have turned blue yet.
      The KEY is actually being able to read and comprehend instructions.

  3. I guess you can't read. I said use salt to make a batch to pickle the container and use the cs TOPICALLY or for animals.not internally.

  4. Thank you very much for sharing this. I was going to save up for an expensive generator, but I will try your method first. I hope to make some for all my friends as well who are always sick. Here's hoping it works!

  5. I would like to know where you bought the water meter for $12. Hannah chanrges $56-$65 for these. Any information on this is appreciated. Thank you

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