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Intrinsic Therapeutic Applications of Noble Metal Nanoparticles: Past, Present and Future

Intrinsic Therapeutic Applications of Noble Metal Nanoparticles: Past, Present and Future 


Biomedical nanotechnology is an evolving field having enormous potential to positively impact the health care system. Important biomedical applications of nanotechnology that may have potential clinical applications include targeted drug delivery, detection/diagnosis and imaging. Basic understanding of how nanomaterials, the building blocks of nanotechnology, interact with the cells and their biological consequences are beginning to evolve. Noble metal nanoparticles such as gold, silver and platinum are particularly interesting due to their size and shape dependent unique optoelectronic properties. These noble metal nanoparticles, particularly of gold, have elicited lots of interest for important biomedical applications because of their ease of synthesis, characterization and surface functionalization. Furthermore, recent investigations are demonstrating another promising applications of these nanomaterials as self-therapeutics. To realize the potential promise of these unique inorganic nanomaterials for future clinical translation, it is of utmost importance to understand few critical parameters; (i) how these nanomaterials interact with the cells at the molecular level; (ii) how their biodistribution and pharmacokinetics influenced by their surface and routes of administration; (iii) mechanism of their detoxification and clearance and (iv) finally their therapeutic efficacy in appropriate disease model. Thus in this review, we will discuss the various clinical applications of gold, silver and platinum nanoparticles with relevance to above parameters. We will also mention various routes of synthesis of these noble metal nanoparticles. However, before we discuss present research, we will also look into the past. We need to understand the discoveries made before us in order to further our knowledge and technological development.

I. Historical Perspective

Precious metals have a long and rich history of use harkening back to the Egyptian First Dynasty. Gold in particular was a much sought after metal and mined as early as 2900 BCE in the deserts of Ethiopia and Nubia. In Egypt, mineralogists soon learned to purify this metal. Since then, there has been evidence of objects made from gold from the Early Dynastic period of Ur (2500 BCE) to Babylonia. Beni Hassan, a tomb dating in the same era, has representative inscriptions of the extraction process from quartz matrix and gold ores in addition to the weighing and melting processes. 2000 years later, Darius, the king of Persia (558-486 BCE), was reported to have received unrefined gold and gold dust as gifts from the Ethiopians. The early fascination with metals is further illustrated by the keen interest of early alchemy philosophers who believed in the spiritual connection between the seven metals: gold, silver, mercury, lead, tin and iron, with the seven heavenly bodies: the Sun, the Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn and Mars. It was believed that Earth housed the seeds of metals and was under the influence of the heavenly bodies (Fig. 1).
Fig 1
Alchemy symbol of (A) Gold, (B) Silver, (C) Platinum.
For alchemists, gold was greatly treasured as evidenced by the common quest for the philosopher’s stone (lapis philosophorum), an agent that would make possible transmutation of base metals into gold. Furthermore, gold was considered to be indestructible and have immense medicinal value; hence early alchemists set out to produce potable gold, “the elixir of life”. In 8th century CE, an alchemist in Arabia, Jabir ibn Hayyan, also known as “Geber” in Europe, succeeded in dissolving gold in aqua regia, a mixture of nitric and hydrochloric acid. By the 7th century, gold chloride had become commonplace and in the early Renaissance, gold was recommended to purify blood and thought to have numerous medical virtues. The first use of gold in modern medicine was in 1890 after the German bacteriologist Robert Koch discovered that low concentrations of potassium gold cyanide, K[Au(CN)2] had antibacterial properties against the tubercle bacillus. In the 1920s gold therapy for tuberculosis was introduced and in 1935 Jacque Forestier reported the use of gold to treat rheumatoid arthritis. Gold thiolates are still in use today to treat the disease. In the United States, gold sodium thiomalate and gold thioglucose are sold as Myochrysine and Solgonal respectively. Auranofin (triethylphosphine(2,3,4,6-tetra-O-acetyl-β-1-D-thiopyranosato-S)gold(I) are some of the newer compounds in use as antiarthritic drugs (Fig 2. a–c). Other gold complexes have been implicated in treatment of cancer and malaria (Fig. 2d and e).
Fig 2Fig 2
Structures of Gold complexes with antiarthritic, antitumor, and antimalarial activity. (a, b) antiarthritic drugs; (c) gold (III) antitumor agents; (d) antimalarial complex of chloroquine.
Silver has been valued throughout history as a precious metal and in ancient times it was considered to be more valuable than gold. Believing it to be feminine in nature with its white luster, silver was considered a symbol of purity. Evidence of the use of silver to make ornaments and decorations exists from as far back as 4000 BC. Silver was oft referred to as white gold and was known to the Greeks and inhabitants of the region between the Indus and the Nile. A gold silver alloy was used to make coins by 800 BC. Alchemists associated silver with the moon (oft referenced the element as luna), and hence used it to cure ailments related to the brain (hence the term lunatic). In Arabia, it was used to treat “falling-sickness” and vertigo. Hippocrates proclaimed that silver contained medicinal properties and could cure multiple maladies. Since silver was touted to have antiseptic properties, Phoenicians used silver vials for food storage to help prevent spoilage. Prior to the widespread use of antibiotics, silver compounds were used to help prevent infection during World War I. In 1881, a physician named Crede used silver compounds to help prevent gonorrhea from being transmitted from the mother to new born babies. Lunar caustic, silver nitrate amalgamated into sticks, was also used in antiquity to cauterize wounds. Silver nitrate also has a close relationship with photography. For silver, the history of the art form begins in 1727 when John Herman Schulze, a German professor first observed that silver salts turned black when exposed to light. Silver salts were further investigated and even hundreds of years later continued to be the critical component of photographic film.
Another noble metal, platinum was discovered on the alluvial sands of the Pinto River in Columbia. The first reported use was by Egyptians and South Americans ca. 2000 years ago. Archeologists uncovered an ancient Egyptian box from ~720 B.C that contains hieroglyphic characters decorated with platinum bands . The Europeans did not know of platinum until the 16th century when the Spaniards came across the element following conquest of the lands of South America. When mining for gold in Columbia, they found lumps of platinum which they called platina del Pinto meaning “little silver of the Pinto river”. Some of the samples were brought back to Europe in 1557 and studied by Italian-French scientist Julius Caesar Scaliger who concluded that the metal was not silver and in fact a new element, Platinum. Thus Julius Caesar Scaliger is widely reported to have discovered the metal. In 1735, a Spanish scientist Antonio de Ulloa rediscovered platinum in South America and in 1783 French chemist Francois Chabaneau successfully purified it thus initiating the use of the metal for decorative purposes. A famous object made from platinum in antiquity is a chalice made in 1788 for Pope Pius VI. The popularity of the metal rose in the following years and by the 19th century platinum was in high demand for use in jewelry and industrial purpose.
In 1965, Rosenberg et al. discovered that electrolysis using platinum electrodes inhibited division of Escherichia coli. The group subsequently reported that platinum salts, [PtCl6]−2, generated via electrolysis, were responsible for the anti-proliferative action on the bacteria. Thus began the resurgence of investigations with cisplatin, which had remained obscure since its first synthesis in 1845 by Michel Peyrone. In 1893, Alfred Werner had already elucidated the structure of cisplatin but it wasn’t until Rosenberg that the antitumor activity of cisplatin was studied and so began the reign of the “Penicillin of cancer”. After successful studies in mice, the compound entered clinical trials in 1971. In 1977 cisplatin was licensed exclusively to Bristol-Myers Squibb and by 1978 it was approved for use in the US by the Food and Drug Administration.
In contrast to metals, metallic nanoparticles (NPs) and their use may be considered a product of modern science since the potential of nanotechnology was only realized in recent years. Yet the synthesis and use of nanoparticles (NPs) dates back to ancient times. The first evidence of metallic nanoparticles is from 2000 years ago when gold NPs were a part of ancient ayurvedic medicine in India . 56 nm sized colloidal gold NPs, also called the swarna bhasmaI (gold ash) was mixed with honey or cow ghee and given orally to patients to treat a wide range of diseases including rheumatoid arthritis, bronchial asthma, diabetes mellitus and other diseases of the nervous system. The aesthetic property of gold NPs was later realized and exploited by the Romans. They used gold NPs to color glass; an exemplary case in point is the Lycurgus cup (Fig. 3). The colored glass and bronze cup is dated to the 4th century Roman Empire and shows a “dichroic” effect i.e the cup appears pea green in reflected light but in transmitted light it appears to be a deep wine red color. Studies conducted by the British Museum, which houses this work of art, report that the cup composite is an alloy of 70nm NPs containing 70% silver and 30% gold. Although one can only speculate as to whether the use of NPs was purely accidental, artisans in other cultures have shown deliberate exploitation of the unique optical effect of NPs to create colorful church windows. Silver NPs were used to stain glass a yellow color while gold NPs were used to produce a ruby red hue. In 9thcentury Mesopotamia, silver and copper NPs were used to give pottery gold like iridescent, metallic luster. The Muslim culture forbids the use of gold in artistic representation and so the artisans devised a method to employ other metallic NPs to produce a gold like result. Copper and silver salts and oxides were mixed with vinegar, clay, and ochre and then applied to glazed pottery. When “cooked” at high temperatures and a reducing environment, the metals ions would reduce and migrate to the outer layer of the glaze forming a NP coat, thus producing a brilliant gold-like end product.
Fig 3
The Lycurgus Cup 1958,1202.1 in reflected (a) and transmitted (b) light. Scene showing Lycurgus being enmeshed by Ambrosia, now transformed into a vine-shoot. Department of Prehistory and Europe, The British Museum. Height: 16.5 cm (with modern metal ...
But perhaps the first scientific study of metallic NPs in colloidal systems and the first observation of the unique optical properties of gold NPs was by English physicist and chemist Michael Faraday in 1857. Faraday was the first to study and report the size dependent optical properties of gold and silver colloids. Although it would be almost a century later when the field of nanotechnology would take off, Faraday’s observation that particles on the nanoscale behaved differently from its bulk was critical and fundamental discovery. In 1908 Gustav Mie studied the mathematic correlation of NP size and its optical manifestations. In 1959, it was physicist Richard P. Feynman who, almost a century after Faraday, memorably championed the arrival of nanotechnology. In that momentous lecture to the American Physical Society at Caltech, he said, “There’s plenty of room at the bottom—an invitation to enter a new field of physics” hinting at the potential for nanoscale design to influence a wide range of fields such as optics and electronics.
The use of metal NPs has expanded in recent years following significant developments in the synthesis process. Metals like platinum and silver have long been used as industrial catalysts. German chemist Johann Wolfgang Dobereiner, who is also known as the founder of the study of catalysis, was the first to discover the catalytic capability of finely divided platinum. In 1820, Edmund Davy an English chemist had shown that chemically reduced platinum black could promote alcohol oxidation. Dobereiner repeated this experiment a year later and made the critical observation that at the end of the conversion of alcohol to acetic acid, platinum was unaltered and available to participate in another reaction. He later went on to develop the Dobereiner lamp, which is now appreciated as the first example to use a supported catalyst, which involves a jet of hydrogen from zinc and sulphuric acid that is spontaneously ignited in the presence of platinum. The nanoscale size of particles was later known to enhance catalytic activity of a metal; thus metals in NP form have been keenly studied as a way to cut down costs and improve catalytic efficiency. It is interesting that gold was historically considered to be catalytically inactive. But in 1985, Graham Hutchings from the University of Cardiff, UK reported that the gold ions could catalyze the hydrochlorination reaction. Similarly, Masatake Haruta, from Tokyo Metropolitan University in Japan, later observed that in NP form gold could catalyze oxidation of carbon monoxide even at low temperatures of -76°C. In recent years there has also been increasing interest in the use of silver NPs as antimicrobial agents. As mentioned earlier, this remarkable property of the metal was known since antiquity to Greeks who used the metal in their cooking and used it to for safe storage of water. Modern application of nanoparticles extends even as far as restoring centuries old works of art. Thus NPs has been involved in our life since time immemorial. 

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colloidal silver facebook group quotes

Quotes from the Colloidal Silver Facebook group.

Most quotes are from Steve LaFontaine (the group's main admin).


Another use for CS that we haven't touched on is as a AIR FRESHNER. we keep adjustable hand sprayers filled with CS. set to MIST it is great for killing odors instantly.


We all focus on the anti-bacterial properties of colloidal silver when IN FACT it's most important property is it's anti-inflammatory properties. IMHO it retards aging, which many say is caused by inflammation.


By now nearly everyone has seen the story about Paul Karason who the news media has dubbed "The Blue Man". Although the news media has continually said that he was taking colloidal silver, nothing could be further from the truth. The Blue Man story became a major media disinformation event which was produced by a public relations firm and paid for by a pharmaceutical interest. The purpose of this campaign was to scare the public away from using colloidal silver products. The tactic was to claim that the Blue Man's condition was caused by his use of colloidal silver thus implying that anyone who uses colloidal silver would suffer a similar fate. The entire story as presented is a study in blatant misrepresentation. The fact is that Paul has a condition called argyria that turns the skin a blue-gray color. He got this condition by taking his homemade silver compound that was mostly a highly concentrated ionic silver solution. When he prepared the solution he believed he was making colloidal silver. He was not making colloidal silver. To make the solution even more dangerous, he added salt to the brew and then used electrolysis to make a high concentration of silver chloride with large particles which is well known to cause argyria. He further applied the compound to his skin causing him to become an internal and external photographic plate. To finish himself off, he used a tanning bed to "fix" the silver in his body.

The Blue Man charade demonstrates once again that the mass media cannot be trusted to report anything that even resembles a truthful "news" story. All "news" today is propagated with an agenda just like the phony economic statistics put out the U.S. government.

Have you ever seen a blue person ? most haven't. i did once. he was in walmarts, as blue as the infamous blue man. naturally i approached him with curiosity. i asked if he had taken colloidal silver. he had never heard of it before. his heart medicine had turned him blue.

You must use your common sense. it was NOT even the silver SOLUTION he made by making it so strong..... it was the OTHER THINGS he did that made the SILVER turn him blue. if he had even taken his silver SOLUTION in indicated amounts he would have had no problem and it would have been effective. 

Paul Karason recently died of heart disease and it has come out he was using the same heart medicine that turns a person blue. so he was a  TOTAL FRAUD he probably never took ANY colloidal silver but was a scammer for his 15 minutes of fame.

The first observed cases of genuine argyria were in people who worked in the early photograph processing industry and the silver electroplating industry.

If ANYONE tries to tell you ANY REASON that you can't do it yourself then they are Lying.


Colloidal silver is also a powerful astringent.

In internal medicine, astringents are used to shrink mucus membranes. By reducing swelling, a doctor can identify areas of bleeding or irritation more readily. The use of a medical astringent can also act to reduce unwanted discharge, which will make patients more comfortable. Many doctors also prescribe astringents to relieve skin irritations such as those cause by fungal infection and insect bites. Calamine lotion is an example of a topical medical astringent designed to reduce irritation, as is witch hazel.

In cosmetics, astringents are used to firm and tone the skin, constricting the pores and creating a protective layer of firm tissue between the under layers of skin and the elements. A cosmetic astringent is sometimes called a toner, and it is usually applied after bathing but before the application of moisturizers. Aftershaves are also astringents. Using an astringent after shaving can help to reduce the pain of minor cuts while also soothing the skin.


Q) Would colloidal silver work on flesh eating bacteria?
A) Absolutely.


This should take care of the good vs. bad bacteria misstatement.


Usually good for only one or at most two gallons. so if it ain't working it's because the batteries are dead. that's why we ignore the battery method. it's only viable where no other method is available.
You have everything else but are making it difficult by using batteries.... GET A FRIKKEN WALLWART! SURELY you have one somewhere. EVERY modern person has a half dozen at least. you are SOOO CLOSE do NOT screw it up by depending on the batteries.

Everybody's device changes polarity if they are plug-in devices.....only battery devices don't change polarity.
The three 9 volt battery rig is only good for a couple batches. the voltage drops off quickly. look back here a little and find out how to make it better.


If big pharma made CS they would sell a lot.... they could probably use it IV routinely in hospitals for surgeries etc - problem is they would lose the sales of all the OTHER POISONS they push.

Big pharma has had, for decades, a suppression campaign against colloidal silver. it is a comprehensive campaign of not only dis-information but fake products as well. even the CS advocates are spoilers because they have to make up all the reasons why you can't make it yourself or why everyone else's is inferior to theirs. it's a lot cheaper to make colored water or salt water or even plain water with a reading of 15ppm than it is to make actual colloidal silver. no silver needed, no research needed. it is cheaply made by INDIVIDUALS because our labor is free. it costs a lot for companies to make. they have employees, insurance, silver, electricity, packaging, advertising, shipping and a host of other obvious liabilities to be compensated for.

That was one of the tactics pharma has used since the gitgo to suppress CS. They flooded the market with fake CS so when people bought it and it was ineffective it went around by word of mouth that CS didn't work. I once heard ART BELL bad mouth CS on his show because he took some and it didn't work. The brand he took was KNOWN to be fake.... IMAGINE how many sick people suffered needlessly because of that single instance.. and how much suffering would have been alleviated if he had supported it.....


A bubbler only hides bad product. No legitimate use for a bubbler. You either have poor water or poor silver or both.  from the looks of one of the elements blackened i say it's poor silver.

You do NOT NEED AN AERATOR... IT makes the CS give FALSE READINGS.... that's what i meant. if you shake some distilled water. you will see that the PPM reading goes up. it's because it's measuring dissolved oxygen not cs. that's why the 6vdc APPEARS to be CS when it's actually NOTHING! silver disassociates at 9.7vdc THATS PHYSICAL FACT. it does NOT make CS at 6vdc. that's why i said make some 6vdc WITHOUT the aerator and see what happens..... NOTHING happens. the aerator gives false readings. WHY CAN'T YOU PEOPLE just forget all the HYPE?

The blender mixes in AIR.... that's the same reason i say not to use an aerator ( bubbler) maybe you weren't here when we discussed this before and a member did a before and after using bubbler.... the blender and bubbler both put AIR into the water..... just more SCAMS....


A short story of my past year: I had prostate cancer and subsequent surgery this past year. Also crippling rheumatoid arthritis so bad I had to use a walker. Due to ongoing infections while being on Enbrel & Orencia for the arthritis (at $5,000 a month), I learned that the natural way of treatment is more effective. I started on CS with great results and I now make colloidal gold & silver solutions. So now, I take colloidal silver, for antibiotic action, as well as MSM + colloidal gold for the arthritis. This past 2 months, I have been PAIN FREE for the first time in 25 years. Doctors have taken me off all steroid shots, IV infusions, etc. My surgeon, rheumatologist, naturopath & family doctor in the past 2 weeks have all said my blood work is the best they have ever seen. Today I was very surprised when my family doctor gave me $100 to make him a 1/2 gallon of CS, as he has a few patients who are now antibiotic resistant. This stuff REALLY WORKS, I feel like I have my life back!! Thank you Steve LaFontaine -  
Brian Smiley


Colloidal silver also kills candida instantly. it stops fermentation dead in it's tracks thereby protecting me from this.


NONE of the three ways colloidal silver works involves PENETRATION.... they ALL work on the SURFACE of the cell. it does NOT kill like tiny bullets.... it  SMOTHERS the cell to death. So all that BS about smaller being better because the silver can penetrate the cells membranes is simply SALES HYPE!


We use brightener pad. it doesn't take any silver off..... it's not good enough to wipe with cloth. even though it looks clean there's still a film which builds up over time until the elements fail to work but look clean. a 3m brightener pad doesn't take off any metal.

3M pads are designed to BRIGHTEN without removing any metal...

Our elements last a very long time.... hundreds of gallons to HALF LIFE. we replace when they are about half done just cause we can.... save the old ones for backup. even if you use sandpaper the loss is negligible in dollar terms.

Cloth does not clean the elements. MUST BE abrasive. 3M brightener pads work best. sandpaper/emery cloth works too but takes a lot of silver off. 3m doesn't.

COLOR: colloidal silver

you can judge the PPM by the color. 
Below, left to right in 5ppm increments 
   5ppm    10ppm    15ppm  20ppm   25ppm   30ppm   35ppm   40ppm

Clear yellow is fine. it changes color with the ppm. the yellow was probably 15ppm or changes colors/textures with the PPM.

You will learn that many of us have incorporated CS into our lives to such an extent that we no longer consider "dosages" per se. for instance we do not make a conscious effort to take any daily because we have some in all of our drinking water which we bottle ourselves. as near as i can figure we "take" a few ounces daily.

Yellow not most prominent. ya'll didn't understand what i meant. i tried to duplicate others yellow CS because MOST of us don't make it yellow. EVERYONE i know makes it clear to slightly cloudy. clear when in small amounts. NOT YELLOW. see other members photos.

Clear is under 5ppm
cloudy is under 10ppm
starts turning yellow at 12ppm or so.
solid yellow is 15ppm

there's no need to make CS any stronger than 15ppm

Yellow works though so we are just talking about anomalies.

david Hooper: My "usual is...until it starts to color. I place a small jar of the same water right beside it for reference. When it starts to color you know that larger and larger particles are being stripped from your electrodes and while ppm's are going up, total surface area is declining.

After you make it a while you can tell the ppm by it's looks.

Jack Massalski:  (a site Steve has mentioned here recently), the yellow is particles of silver absorbing light whereas ionic silver is translucent. They claim any colloidal silver made through electrolysis at home will contain a mixture of both, silver ions and a colloid of metallic silver particles but the proportions of the two will vary depending on a number of factors. Now, this seems to "make sense," but I don't see any references to back this up.

Clear in small ppm. higher the more visible.

Q) My colloidal comes out an amber color and yours is clear. Using distilled water and pure silver, wonder what the difference is?
 when made in too high of concentrations the particles clump together into crystals. that's why the dark "black" color. when looked at under a microscope silver crystals are actually incredible blue. like the finest sapphire.


Fresh made is always better than store bought because the various sized particles are still in colloidal state whereas the store bought has had awhile to plate out.

What complicates the matter is CS sold that has no CS in it. so it's luck of the draw whether or not any physician gets good stuff to study.

With store bought CS it's the luck of the draw. if it's not in dark glass it's probably no CS. however, what no one points out is that EVEN SILVER SOLUTION WORKS. so SHAKE the bottle before using.
Even with the meter there is no guarantee it is not measuring ADDITIVES that my be in the store bought CS.

there is NO SUBSTITUTE for making your own.

Where do you get you CS ? there is no way to know if you're getting any except make it yourself. the FDA tested 38 brands years ago and only 3 had any measureable silver. only one had the advertised amount. how much are you taking ?

Q) From what I have gathered here Ed, nano is a meaningless term in regards to CS quality.
A) YAAAA janet finally gets it.... don"t believe anything else.

There is no appreciable difference in the colloidal silver made by the simplest method or a $500 machine.

I've got news for you.... the expensive machines are no better and sometimes WORSE than homemade ones.

We are saying to make your own, not just from economy, but for quality assurance as well. Having unlimited amounts to use means we can use it for everything we can think of as well as turn on other people to it. having a CS generator makes you a powerful healer.

CS is so easy and inexpensive to make it is hardly marketable. to do so you must come up with some sham that makes your product 'unique".... you need nothing but two bits of silver and a couple feet of wire and over 10 vdc to make great CS.

The FDA did a survey of 36 brands of colloidal silver. of those tested only 6 had ANY measurable silver content. of those only ONE had the advertised amount. so it is critical that you make your own to be assured that you are using colloidal silver.

It costs a lot for companies to make. They have employees, insurance, silver, electricity, packaging, advertising, shipping and a host of other obvious liabilities to be compensated for.

Q) The gen I bought says it makes Nano size particles which won't show with laser.... Only under super microscope . So what tester do you recommend? 
A) So if i understand you bought a machine that supposedly makes a product that you can't tell if it's working or not ? roflmfao...... wait... do they also sell super microscopes or analysis services ? you do realise you've been scammed don't you ? think about it... i bet they also say a tds meter won't measure thier product either. i have a baloon full of unobtainium i'd sell you.... cheap. Just THINK about that.

Everyone knows you can't use cs with any additive. the additive soaks all the cs up so it doesn't work. that's no accident... that's so people try it and are like you, don't want to use it again and/or it doesn't work so they go around bad mouthing cs. somewhere here i wrote about all the other scams running that have the same effect. dissuading everyone from making and using CS.


The TRUTH is that everyone who paid a lot for a CS generator MUST say it's the best so they don't feel like a SUCKER.

The reason i am so adamant about making your own generator is for those who can't afford a expensive machine or to buy pre made but still need cs. PERSONALLY i don't care what anyone does. just don't try to say everyone MUST HAVE a store bought machine or product or that it takes a high level of expertise to make, to reap the benefits. because that just ain't so.


Once a container has been pickled the silver that has plated out to it will conduct electricity.
If you have any difficulty making your first few batches, don't forget to "pickle" the container first. we have observed, but cannot explain, that some containers ( not all) will not make CS until pickled. we do this by dissolving a few grains of salt in a spoon and dropping the liquid between the elements. make a strong batch, which you can use for topical/pets/washes etc. just not internal. after that the container will work fine. but we have found some containers that WILL NOT WORK no matter what you do.


Taking CS with ANYTHING is SAFE! 


Do you drink soft drinks ? or alcohol? get rid of high fructose corn syrup.... read food labels....
If you don't then there's nothing anybody can do for their diabetes.


CS usually sells to dentists easily. they can see the IMMEDIATE benefits when they see it stop the bleeding.

Had 8 teeth pulled last night. The CS was great for keeping my teeth from getting worse, but unfortunately the bone degeneration I had was too far gone and I had to have the teeth pulled. Using CS as a mouth rinse to help promote healing. I'm very interested to see the rate of healing that will take place using CS over the course of the next few weeks. I'll post my progress from time to time to let everyone know how things are doing. So far so good.

Be careful you don't swish too hard and clear out the hole and get dry socket. you should have brought a bottle into the dentists when you got it pulled. I always bring mine; eliminates any chance of infection as well as speed healing but most important stops the bleeding instantly.

I carry a bottle when i go to dentist to rinse with. it has always been helpful. Dentist saw how fast it stopped bleeding and promoted healing. no chance of post op infection.

Colloidal silver helped with what are called "dental pockets" which have been virtually eliminated.


Try rinsing clothes in cs. since it attaches to the cloth it will, after several cycles, be anti-deoderant clothes. they actually sell them pre treated now. you can spray hi strength in appropriate areas of clothing... you could soak clothing in straight hi ppm CS to impregnate it with silver....


Keep making it. start giving it away. buy some extra silver so you can turn wallwarts into CS devices to give to people who you know will use them. i watch for them at yard sales etc.

I hope that you realise you now have a responsibility to spread this around.

I don't sell ANYTHING. I believe if you give a person colloidal silver you treat them for a day. if you teach them to make it you help them and others for life.... that's a paraphrase


Q) What daily amount would be suggested for patients with advanced staged cancer? Thanks.
A) As much as possible. what can it hurt ? IMHO CS does not cure cancer. it helps by strengthening the immune system and preventing secondary problems. ALKALIZE to cure cancer.

Just use the stuff john. you can't drink too much unless you just get crazy... safe dose is ANY... read our postings. members post a lot of how to use it. use it every way's NOT like the poisons you are used to being fed.... it's super safe...if you read the pinned post you'd know many of us use it every way possible. we have used 10 gallons a week for over 15 years. no side effects except PERFECT HEALTH.

You will learn that many of us have incorporated CS into our lives to such an extent that we no longer consider "dosages" per se. for instance we do not make a conscious effort to take any daily because we have some in all of our drinking water which we bottle ourselves. as near as i can figure we "take" a few ounces daily.

A cup is a lot. An ounce or two in the morning on empty stomach. an ounce or two at night before bed.

Someone heard somewhere that a teaspoon a day. Or a tablespoon. A little is better than none but if you want REAL RESULTS, take real doses!!

Look, I have been doing this for 20 years and I have NOT ONCE been to a medical doctor in all that time!! And I haven't turned blue either.

The tiny bottles in the health food store are next to worthless for internal consumption.

It's not like conventional medicine. it is totally benign. we all just use it at will. basically it's SOME and ENOUGH.

We put it in your drinking water. it will be routine then. all of us who have been taking it routinely have been in perfect health since.... going on 15 years for us... old folks... perfect health... 15 years... think about that... large families with lotsa kids are notorious for sickness constantly. it just keeps going around the family.... stop it now.

You simply take as much as you want and it does the rest. there is no "different dosages" there is only SOME and NONE. simply MAKE and USE it. it's ONLY KNOWN SIDE EFFECT is


Go large or go home.

Some people just don't get it.... to maximise benefits of cs you must take it daily. otherwise you're pissing in the wind..... be sick then expect a miracle.


It depends on the phase of the ebola. it certainly would if taken in strength BEFORE infection occurs.


I was a herbal healer first. i have extensive library on subject. then i found CS which negates all other regimens. it is RAPID DRAMATIC and CERTAIN....


You can't make CS at 3vdc or 6vdc.... what you are measuring the PPM of is the dissolved air from your aerator.... you ain't making CS.... PERIOD!

WHAT IS BEST 12 VOLTS DC OR 24-25 AC VOLTS FOR MAKING CS? - Here we tend to simplify the process. This is good non-commercial site.

FYI just because a wallwart label says 12vdc doesn't make it so.... if you have a voltmeter you can check... the 12vdc is NOMINAL voltage..... for instance a auto is 12vdc but runs as high as 14vdc. i am not posting this because it's critical.... it's NOT! i am posting this for the experimenters who are trying to corelate the voltages and amperages for optimum function. that's why i say 12vdc @1amp because in reality it's probably near the 15to1 volt/amp optimum.

OPTIMUM SMOPTIMUM.... best is the enemy of good. there's NEGLIGIBLE difference in effects of CS made ANY WAY.

One of our members makes it with 15,000 volts..... same same... anything above 9 volts works we think the "best" is 12vdc.... ONLY because of it's safety and availability.... NOT because of any significant improvement in the effects of the product.

300ma is not enough power to do it right. has to be 1000ma=1amp or better.

I WISH it worked at 6vdc. I have no axe to grind... if  6vdc worked BELIEVE ME i would be touting it.

Thomas Van: What's the minimum amps for a 12volt transformer?

Take note: MA stands for MilliAmps. a milliamp is 1000th of an amp... for instance 500ma is 1/2 of an amp..... AMPS times VOLTS equals WATTS. So 1 amp @12vdc = 12 watts...There is no minimum amps.  The more amps the LESS TIME it takes to makes cs. silver disassociates at 9.7 vdc. The higher the VA the faster it makes.

It's about VA (volt/amp) density - the lower the voltage the higher the amperage needed and vice versa.

Amp x volts = watts... volts divided by watts = amps. if it's 12vdc @ 4.5 watts it's good...just keep in mind @12vdc anything 1 watt or over will work.

12AC is NOT the way to do it 12 DC is. 


Examples of electrical devices that can be turned into simple colloidal silver generators:

Walwarts do go bad after awhile.

Tip: I grind the corners of the wall warts off to help cool them. they last forever that way. if you realise it or not the ac/dc adapters are what fails most in electronic devices. heat is the destroyer. THEORETICALY they don't need any but in real life it's different. so ventilate them and they last forever. i do all mine. especially computer power supplies.

Look at the one in the group photo. only do enough for an opening. after many mistakes i found that was the best. there is never any circuitry in the corners. you cant drill without damaging unless you have a drill press with anvil to hold it. the one in the photo has two corner holes plugged with silicone caulk. i did this because i had previously used it outdoors with the bottom up.

I just use whatever wallwarts i can find. the one i used today was 13.5vdc@1.5amps

ALL YOU NEED is the AC/DC adapter that they use to power their devices.... often THAT'S ALL THEIR DEVICES ARE.... and ac/dc converter passed through a black box, sometimes with recycled circuit board doing nothing,to make the uninitiated think there's hoo doo to it.

But it can be ANY POWER SOURCE.... a toy train transformer control is great.... you can vary the voltage,,,, any wallwart 12vdc @ 1amp min. will work..... a cigarette lighter plug will work,,,, a solar cell will work...NO INFERNAL/UNIQUE/EXPENSIVE devices needed....

You can use a 110vac florescent light BALLAST ( actually it's a high voltage transformer ) for high voltage works really well. sealed unit.... plug right in.

Also the high voltage circuit from a microwave oven.

Where to get generators ? radio shack - online electronics sales like GOLDMINE electronics - your own junk drawer - thrift stores - yard sales - liquidaters - a cigarette lighter plug works too

12vdc 1amp or higher ones are suitable

A wallwart is the plastic cube you plug into the wall that powers electronic devices.

-My opinion is that 24v, 100-500 mA is the "sweet spot"
I've recently bought a 27VDC 2250mA adapter, seems to work fine. Any opinions on that anyone? Before I was using a 12VDC 1000mA adapter and that seemed fine as well.
- It's all good. see how easy it is ? no "sweet spot" needed... no BEST needed....


two six inch elements. few ask about that but the ELEMENT is very important to the speed of the batch. we MAXIMIZE production by element configuration. we use RIBBONS which are the OPTIMUM shape for them.

Ions flow off edges best.


People OBSESS about the element placement. again don't overthink it.
element spacing is not critical as long as they are not touching.

GLASS is an insulator. silver is very soft and easily bent into shape. You can SIMPLY bend the silver over the lip of the container.I use big clamps to clamp the element onto the lip but if your alligator clips are too small to do this then just bend the silver over the lip and leave a little tab sticking out to clip to. please IGNORE the RUBE GOLDBERGS out there with their cockamammie designs.

As long as you are generating (positive side is trying to plate the negative ~ mine looks like it is growing 'hair') you don't really need to clean during the process.


All i care about is getting colloidal silver in as many hands as possible. no matter who does it. the main caviat i have is to DO IT.... not a million reasons you can't do it OR a buncha lies about how it must be done. THAT's the problem i have with this situation. trolls who are STOPPING people from doing it because they don't have expensive instruments or devices or ingredients.... people posing as experts who have not made a drop of Cs nor taken any....


I know people who have cured a number of colon problems. they basically went on a liquid diet, drank 10ppm CS like water until it literally ran out the other end and then restarted their system with probiotics. one must be careful when using it rectally. it is sightly corrosive so don't use it strong and don't use a lot. they accelerated the process with daily enemas. it's slightly corrosive properties are also good for literally cleaning out the lower end. many people suffer from buildups in the lower end. That's also the regimen for illiitis and colitis...



In the pre-antibiotic era, when colloidal silver was in common use, they would routinely put drops in newborns eyes/ears/nose mouth immediately after birth.

Warm it to body temp first decreases the discomfort.


we do not want our group to be known as anything except a COLLOIDAL how-to site.
we are not here to promulgate OTHERS info because it is ALL THE SAME OLD CRAP! so we do not want to CONSTANTLY refer to other Websites

If I allowed it this group would be just like the others.. a constant commercial for a few large sellers...
that's what EVERYONE has been doing.... joining us and posting the SAME URLS for the SAME FEW CON ARTISTS.

We do encourage our members to post INDIVIDUAL threads on their successes and other members can post if they had similar problem and success.

Read the pinned post for starters, then delve into the back postings a bit. that should bring you up to speed enough to actually make your own. keep us posted so we can input. sometimes a photos says a lot....

this ain't a fucking religious site nor is it a commercial site. we are not here to do what ANYONE thinks we should be doing..... unless it's something CONSTRUCTIVE.

When I joined this group there were 400 members. it was just like every other colloidal silver page on the internet. there were urls to all the commercial websites. very little else. the rest was the SAME PARTY LINE DRIVEL all those other sites had. the entire schpeel...then i was made admin by our wise founder and i began to CHANGE YOUR MINDS..... ONE LIE AT THE TIME! the PROOF was in the pudding. Others began to duplicate my claims until NOW we have a lot of people DOING IT.

NOT giving a million reasons why not.

The DIFFERENCE IS all those other sites are COMMERCIAL so they have to go along with the party line or risk losing customers.

They also have to TALK SWEET or risk losing customers.

They also have to censor their speech because of the government etc.

We are NOT COMMERCIAL....we can EXPLORE any way we want. we do not care what anyone thinks. we are too busy doing it...and we can call a spade a spade or worse if we want because nobody cares what you think. 


You can proudly say you belong to the ONLY INTERNET GROUP like us...are you feeling me ?

If the board degenerates into answering every question then it is useless.... if we continually answer the same four questions over and over then that's ALL anyone will get from this board.... where to buy silver, is xxxx product any good?, so that's ALL newbies will see ( those adults who do review what's already been done. and they will move on. and everything we've done will be wasted on a few spoiled people.

We are not getting paid to do this. we do NOT CARE if you are here. this is not a contest to see who can have the biggest group...hence NOBODY CARES if you quit. it's YOUR LOSS if you do so....
all we lose is a whiner.

It's not about my ego... it's about TEACHING.... i do not have the time or energy to teach BASICS which we have already covered EXTENSIVELY to newbies when we need to be covering more important subjects, more detailed subjects, to push us to the next level.

I see some still don't get it...we are all here to LEARN and TEACH about colloidal silver.

When we insist on members reading some previous postings it's NOT TO BE MEAN! only children would think that.

It's because when you do research you LEARN SO MUCH MORE!

You may even learn something that would help you to advance the mission.

It would be MUCH EASIER for us to COMPLY with your wishes..but that's not what we are here for.

We are here to help INTENTIONAL people. If you are too lazy or inept to do a LITTLE research then it's doubtful you will take actions towards making and taking colloidal silver.

I would appreciate it if our members defended the truth about CS everywhere. Note i did not say defend me. I need no defending nor did i say defend this group. Our numbers speak loudly. What i mean is take what you have learned here and use it to combat the scammers and con artists that proliferate on the nettiquettly correct groups.

Our members have put a lot of work into this site. Everything you want to know is contained herein. please avail yourself of previous postings.

ALL responsible group admins WARN new members to avail themselves of the archives BEFORE asking questions. that tactic is especially important in large groups and those with high volumes of messages..... for obvious reasons.

I don't care what anyone says about me, so long as they make colloidal silver right.

While you are researching our archives and see anything you think is important or that you have questions about, simply like it or comment on it and it will come to the top of our board for discussion. i will not hesitate to answer anything asked like this.

For those of you on computer there is a search group function. see the search this group field below the lower right hand corner of the groups banner photo.

i have changed the group settings. even though it just makes more work for the admins i changed it to posts must be approved by admin. i did this because we are tired of all the postings saying BS.... like that nice long one i just deleted... was very good UNTIL it started sales schpeel about how ONE BRAND is the only way to go and is the only true CS and how homemade CS is no good.... SOOOO we will EDIT all posts from now on. if i could have edited out ONE PARAGRAPH in that posting i would have let it stay. but i couldn't.

when you see a lot of active links in a posting it usually means that person is an associate and is getting paid for hits on that link.

I am going to delete all active links that go to a brand IF that brand says 1) their product is the ONLY effective Cs OR that homemade Cs is not effective or is harmful or that otherwise promulgates disinformation. i will leave all links that go to studies etc. as well as any NON LINKED product recommendations. what i mean is you can recommend a brand or product but NOT LINK to it. THAT WAY we KNOW you are sincere in your recommendation and not just an associate seller.

Do you want GUARANTEES ? EVERY SINGLE PERSON here who has EXPERIENCE with colloidal silver will GUARANTEE you that it works.... can you get a guarantee from your doctor ? but you want one from us..... why don't you just go to your frikken doctor ? again let me say.... we are NOT here to convince you of the efficacy of colloidal silver. there are a THOUSAND websites for that and it makes no difference how many there are you still won't believe them. we ALL KNOW how it works. we ARE HERE to help you ACTUALLY MAKE it so hopefully you will ACTUALLY USE IT..... 1000 repeated questions does NO GOOD AT ALL. because you had your mind made up BEFORE you came here.


3 day fast - drink distilled water with an oz of cs to eight oz. glass of water. yogurt and veggies first day off fast. maintenance dose 1 oz. daily first thing in morning. 1 day fast w/CS as needed.


IMHO it is best to make it correctly so it doesn't need filtering. HOWEVER, many of our experienced members do filter whatever they make. after all it's ALL GOOD. having said that, use white filters not the natural ones.... the idea is that COLLOIDAL SILVER cannot be filtered by anything. no even dialysis.... so all you would get is CS.


Colloidal silver stops food poisoning dead in it's tracks.

I had food poisoning last eve. sudden unexplained onset of acid reflux, nausea, dizziness, headache. took a couple gulps of CS.... felt it going down putting the fire out... still ill an hour later took another big gulp... stomach upset vanished. took one more big gulp. all went away. slept fine. awoke well.


David Hooper: I put 1 t in all of my canning jars as well. It prevents any form of bacteria.
Steve LaFontaine @David Hooper: Yes. what i meant is not during fermentation because it won"t.

Q) I am a hobby wine maker and only make organic wine, with no sulphides to preserve it. I was wondering if CS would work as a preservative for my wine for a longer shelf life. Any thought's on this?
A) Absolutely YES. About 1 teaspoon per bottle!


I just got home from the grocery and thought I'd mention, again, what good food wash CS is....especially for grapes... CS is slightly corrosive. just enough to get the crud off. you should see what it looks like after soaking grapes.... and we soak all veggies stem down so they soak up the cs. since bacteria are what spoils food CS is great for that. even meats last much longer if rinsed with CS.


Steve Lafontaine: IMHO you should have gall bladder removed. i did and am dang glad i did. for 15 years i forestalled the inevitable by drinking a glass of cranberry juice every morn. gall stones can be mineral, usually from minerals in the water, or fat.... the mineral ones can be dissolved by apple cider vinegar. the fat ones more difficult. cs is mildly corrosive but the main aid is it will prevent any infections.

Avery Cunningham: You can get your bile flowing and avoid surgery. Read the book "Kick Your Fat In The Nuts" by T.C. Hale and you can solve all types of health "mysteries". I highly recommend this book!Here is this article too.


CS stops GERDS dead in it's's astringent properties promotes rapid healing. it is SPECTACULAR for gerds. i take it AS NEEDED... if i have acid indigestion i take a couple gulps of cs as needed until it stops. usually only once needed. i would not take it with meals or just before.

Gerds is FERMENTATION of food. CS stops fermentation dead in it's tracks. the fermentation also cause chemical burns, hence HEART BURN. The astringent properties of CS promotes rapid healing of damaged tissue.

There is NOTHING BETTER than CS for gerds. you need take NOTHING ELSE

For instance i also used to brew beer. i found that if i disinfected a container with CS it was no longer usable for brewing.


I ate too large of a piece of cheesecake. gave me heartburn. a couple swigs of Cs a couple times and it was gone. S sugar causes inflammation and feeds fermentation. Cs is not only a bactricide but it's a powerful astringent as well. it stops fermentation in it's tracks and promotes rapid healing of inflammed tissue.


Try rinsing clothes in cs. since it attaches to the cloth it will, after several cycles, be anti-deodorant clothes. They actually sell them pre-treated now. You can spray hi strength in appropriate areas of clothing... you could soak clothing in straight hi ppm CS to impregnate it with silver.

Put both spray and squirt bottles of it by you sink and lavs.... put it in your laundry RINSE cycle.... rinse your dishes with it.... Also keep it in your vehicles.


 It works well in a humidifier, my wife has one in the office where she works n people were always coming down with illnesses spread about. Not any more.


We all focus on the anti-bacterial properties of colloidal silver when IN FACT it's most important property is it's anti-inflammatory properties. IMHO it retards aging, which many say is caused by inflammation.

Consider that sugar causes inflammation. I eat a lot of sugar. but i take a lot of silver. sugar also causes fermentation and by product alcohol. my silver stops fermentation dead in it's tracks.


There are two kinds of bacteria. aerobic ( good ) which thrives in oxygen and alkaline and anaerobic (bad) which thrives in acid and which alkaline and or oxygen kills.CS ONLY KILLS ANAEROBIC bacteria. do NOT STOP TAKING IT.... EVER...


Usually they say the ionic is the best and the colloids ain't. what difference does it make ? in any type it still works. do you understand exactly how electricity works ? do you still use it ? there's not much need to understand it. the IMPORTANT thing is to MAKE AND USE IT.

EXPERTS selling colloidal silver say that.... EXPERTS selling ionic silver say exactly the opposite... I say they are both fullacrap.

They both PRODUCE THE SAME...they both have the same effect.


(Regarding breast cancer) - What works for sure is IV colloidal silver and direct injection of baking soda. 


Many of us here have used it for 20 years.... daily....large doses...perfect health.


I am 75 and have been close to an invalid for the past 5 years. I have asthma and COPD. It got so bad I could not walk across a room without using 2 canes. Anyway, our son started us using CS three months ago and we bought a machine to make our own. It works wonderful but I felt like it wasn't doing much good for my lungs. The other day my husband suggested we try my old CPAP machine. We poured some CS in the holding tank; turned the blowy thing down as low as we could and I sat with it on for 15 minutes. It was so soothing and caused me to spit up and lot of gunk when I was finished. Now I use it twice a day and I can't believe what it has done for me. I can now walk without the help of a cane (inside the house); I can help load and unload the dishwasher and do other light duties. Annette Martin  


We make a gallon of 10ppm in 30 minutes - 12vdc @8 watts.


David Hooper:  In fact, I recommend everyone take an ounce or two a day, in a glass of water. The logic is simple. Taken from a spoon it merely wets the throat a little. But every cell in the body needs water so even diluted, if you DRINK THE WATER you are getting exactly the same silver, and actually QUICKER. BESIDES, think of the dilution ratio once it GETS inside.


NEVER MIX ANYTHING with colloidal silver. it should be taken alone on an empty stomach.


CS kicks melanomas ass.... QUICKLY...some 50ppm would stop melanoma in it's tracks, dry up the wound and eliminate the scars. In the case of melanoma the astringet properties are as important as the bactricidal properties. Use it strong when there are wounds.


ALL disease enters through the mouth. when you bypass oral injestion you LOSE MANY BENEFITS of CS.


I've done straight CS. It burns like hell but boy does it work. I've never had it impede my sense of smell or taste afterward though.

If you are not familiar with Neti Pots ~ YouTube has plenty of videos. I also make my own inexpensive saline powder by mixing non-iodized salt and baking soda 50/50.


It takes less than one ounce and we nebulize for only 5 minutes then gargle what is left once before bed for 2 or 3 days at the first sign of respiratory illness. We rarely have to do this but when we do this is a magic fix for us! We put our mouth completely on the tube and breathe constantly not just a mist near us.


Steve LaFontaine this is where the silver chloride studies are.... search silver chloride,
Steve LaFontaine EVERYTHING supports what we have been saying EXCEPT the commercial con artist sites.


CS only kills parasites in the larval stage. here is parasite cleanse. do it while drinking cs three or more times a day.

All that bullshit you've been told about steady rates and particle size etc. etc. ad nauseum... is exactly that... bullshit...

Most of us here know that CS is a mixture of particle sizes each of which treats different ailments
Look closely at the Tyndall beam and you can see the different sized particles.

The nano is the solid part of the beam. look closely and you can see the larger particles in it..... do it in a dark room and give your eyes several minutes to adjust//// maybe use reading specs or a magnifier glasses...
David Hooper Yes Shirley. It DOES take a little longer with water that has zero conductivity. But your finished product will have some very small particles too. Those are able to get into places the larger particles cannot. Like bone.

Higher the voltage the larger the particles.

There is no way to control particle size. just make and take some janet. you can find a million EXCUSES why not. eds CS is NOT CLEAR as you can PLAINLY SEE. just because he call it clear doesn't make it so. his CS is how EVERYONE'S homemade CS looks.

Need to understand if ionic silver works better or nano particle colloidal silver..thnx
yes they both work.
I have and that is what it said that they are not the same thing and colloidal is better but now here it says they are the same??? 
They both PRODUCE THE SAME (have the same effect)

It is ALL GOOD. it makes NO DIFFERENCE in ACTUAL USE what the particle size or concentration. it is all HYPE to sell you someones device or product that meets THAT CON ARTISTS THEORY.


Did you know that if you water your plants with CS the plants love it and in a short time they look so much healthier with less plant mites etc.

It lengthens the time cut flowers stay alive.


the ppm will taper off from fresh. that's why we say fresh made CS is best. Make it stronger so it settles out over 10ppm.

after awhile you can guesstimate the levels with a laser. the main point is..... there's not much difference in effect. between 5ppm and 25ppm . the reason is that there is no bodily function that can filter out CS.... so any amount over whats needed is passed without cause. studies show 5ppm is effective. so we like 10ppm just to be safe and that's the threshold for tasteless....

Funny when someone says you can't measure CS with a tds meter and i respond " please explain why i can get ZERO reading from distilled water and 15ppm reading after i have added ONLY SILVER" that NO ONE HAS ANSWERED YET... they just IGNORE that question. so if ANYONE says that you know WHICH LIST to put them on.

500 ppm is impossible without additives.

There is no persceptable difference in effects between 10 and 20 ppm. it only burns your elements up twice as fast.

2ppm is ineffective - you need a minimum of 5ppm.

50 ppm is fine. what I keep trying to explain is that anything over 5ppm is effective. there is not much difference in the effacacy of 20ppm or 50 ppm... it's just not that critical.

The ppm is not critical. studies say it works down to 5ppm. most of what's sold nowadays is 10ppm. anything more is simply overkill since the excess is passed from body.

30 ppm ? that's way to high potency.... we all know it works at 5ppm.... most of us make it 10-15ppm.


Do not use hannah meter while generating CS. shut off elements before checking with meter - it can damage the meter and/or give false readings.

EVERYONE HERE should get a hannah TDS meter. even if you have no intention to make your own you can audit the Cs that you buy. they only cost $15 or so. less than a small bottle of CS.

We all have hannah tds meters. but after awhile we don't even use them because we can SEE what it is.


Probiotics are def called for when you are injesting that much CS. my fav way is yogurt. read the label and look for LIVE multidopolis.i didn't quite understand about the gallon and pouring into it. how do you know you are making CS? and what strength? the three 9volt battery rig is only good for a couple batches. the voltage drops off quickly. look back here a little and find out how to make it better.

There are TWO types of gut bacteria... AEROBIC ( the good bacteria ) and ANAEROBIC ( the bad bacteria) anaerobic bacteria thrive in lack of oxygen, low PH ( acid ) conditions. they die in the opposite conditions. colloidal silver oxygenates so it KILLS ONLY THE BAD, while creating conditions that the good bacteria thrive in. high ph ( alkaline), oxygen rich environment.
not rocket science nor magic..... it only kills the bad bacteria.

I just Had my yogurt! - The key thing to look for is that the multidopolous is ALIVE!


Make some, take some.

We urge everyone to THINK DIFFERENTLY! we are NOT TREATING a specific ailment. we are using it prophalacticly.... ROUTINELY.... as a PREVENTATIVE.... then you have NO AILMENTS to "TREAT".

Take silver the first thing in the morning so it can rehydrate your body. I take an ounce in a 4 to 6 oz glass of distilled water every morning, before I drink anything else. Wait a few minutes before taking anything else.


This is the best to use. NOTE: you can NOT say you are making colloidal silver with it. years ago when i first started advocating for CS the powers that be followed me around making trouble. the got CS banned from Ebay back then. rio grande won't sell it to you if you say you're making CS with it. they are covering their ass. that's all.


This really shows how much quicker the ribbons work. this is two six inch ribbons. they have TWO FEET of emitter length VS. a pinpoint for wire .

The reason most of you aren't replicating my results is NOT because of the voltage or amperage or water etc..... it's the RIBBONS that make mine work so fast. i use 12vdc,to 30vdc..... 1 amp 2 amps 4 amps.... it's not about what wallwart i use some use auto battery chargers etc..... it's the RIBBONS.


i tire of you saying the same STUPID SHIT that you hear elsewhere... i already posted, awhile back, a third party study of CS that states it probably works BECAUSE of the silver chloride it forms when it meets the bodies salt. READ THIS and PLEASE STFU about no silver.... cause you're full of shit. NOTE: this is NOT a Colloidal silver site.
I am constantly ranting about different FALSEHOODS others teach. one is about salt.... your body has a lot of salt in it. the CS reacts with it to form SILVER CHLORIDE.... i have posted studies where they contend that is how CS works..... SILVER CHLORIDE has health benefits... use your frikken COMMON SENSE......... if salt in the CS is bad then CS would be bad for you.... not a pinch no matter how tiny..... use only a couple grains of salt pre-dissolved and dropped between the elements.... FORGET THE BULLSHIT about salt being bad.... GOOGLE SILVER CHLORIDE YOURSELF.... you may ask yourself WHY they perpetuate that myth...... for the same reason they perpetuate all the rest of the bullshit.... to make it more difficult for you to make CS....
i happen to like the benefits of sodium chloride.... because in essence that's how CS works.... as we've said a few times, it makes sodium chloride with the bodies salt... so it can't possibly be harmful.... there is really no reason NOT to use salt...

Maybe you saw my rant about salt/silver.... or the report about it... ACTUALLY it forms silver chloride... the report speculated that is how silver works.... forming silver chloride from bodies salts. the no salt theme is RIDICULOUS ON IT'S FACE! when one considers how much salt is in the body, a few grains is inconsequential. google silver chloride and you'll see known health benefits.

I can't emphasize enough.... a TINY BIT of salt is ok. not a lot.....a tiny bit does no more than the salt in the body does.... only makes it easier to make CS.... NOTHING MORE.... a few grains of salt is INCONSEQUENCIAL compared to the salt in the body... so don't beleive anything else. especially from someone who didn't know squat a week ago.... regardless of how many years they say they have been doing this. they didn't know, by their own words,that you could make good Cs with a walwart or about ribbon or about silver chloride until we told him.... but he KNOWS about salt ?????? sorry. any common sense review of the situation reveals the truth. a few grains of salt has no impact because the silver will mix with much more salt in the body.

MORE than enough iodised table salt to do the job:

SALT IS OKAY! when i say salt i don't mean a frikken spoon full.... i mean a few GRAINS predissolved in a spoon, and poured between the electrodes. i won't post link again. but google silver chloride and you'll see it has health benefits. even one of those government studies referenced the silver chloride in their studies...

i also note that it take the same amount of salt to start a couple ounces or 5 gallons. so it's advantageous to make large batches so the ppm of salt is very low. it doesn't even register on TDS meter in a gallon of water.

Pure water is an insulator. I always have to seed. I used to just use some previous batch until i found the info about silver chloride.

A dozen grains of salt is enough to work but not enough to register on the PPM meter.

When we say use a bit of salt we don't mean a pinch.what we mean is SEVERAL GRAINS at MOST. what we do is melt several grains of seasalt in a few drops of water in a spoon. stir it a little until they disolve and dump that between the two elements.

Distilled water does not conduct elec. ANYTHING in it works. we suggest SEA SALT because it's copasetic.

You spit the words SILVER CHLORIDE out like it was undesireable. silver chloride has it's health uses too. Silver chloride has been used as an antidote for mercury poisoning, assisting in the elimination of mercury. in bandages and wound healing products. as an antimicrobial agent: for long-term preservation of drinking water in water tanks. as a burn treatment and other things. so the next time an ex spert parrots the same old party line about not adding salt to start the CS process because it makes silver chloride tell them to f-off and go research the health benefits of silver chloride.

I don't think seasalt is a problem. i prefer iodized salt because it makes silver iodide, another benefit. use only a dozen or so GRAINS of ( iodized) salt. only use ONE grain of seasalt. you can use some of your first batch as a starter in lieu of salt.

Contineuing with the BS about salt.
first they said it made silver chloride and that was bad....
but when i showed it was beneficial they started saying silver iodide so claimed you should use seasalt... now that i showed silver iodide is beneficial they have recently started saying silver nitrate.... which is bad.... however you won't make silver nitrate with iodized table salt. but you will make a TINY TINY TINY bit of it with sea salt.
then i recently posted about silver nitrate...
turns out silver nitrate is neutralised by..... you guess it.. sodium chloride


It is fantastic for that. not only does it's antibiotic properties preclude any infections it's astringent properties promote rapid healing. and no scar for sure.


I made salve with high potency CS in gelatin.......if you are gonna use CS in additives you must make it HIGH POTENCY because the additive will soak up so much of it. there is really no better application than SPRAYING topical and DRINKING for internal.... NO ADDITIVES !
Aloe alone would work in this mix the CS did very little. because it was too dilute for additives. if you are gonna use CS in additives you must make it HIGH POTENCY because the additive will soak up so much of it. there is really no better application than SPRAYING topical and DRINKING for internal.... NO ADDITIVES.

A friend of mine has called me thanking me for giving him some CS. He has had many 'warts' or skin pustules all over his back for many years. So I gave him a spray bottle and asked his wife to spray his back 2x a day for a month and let me know the results. After 7 days they say his back is almost completely dried up of those problems.

Bathing in it is advantageous. it's an astringent with cosmetic effects as well as a slight corrosive that will remove dead skin. of course it's antiseptic properties would disinfect and heal any skin lesions like insect bites or scratches etc. as well as prevent a number of ailments like skin cancer, atheletes foot etc. i have long wanted a whole house unit to put in the plumbing system. we have a septic tank so we can't do that because it would kill the bacteria in the septic tank stopping the decomposition.


First it was SILVER CHLORIDE that the CON ARTISTS were poo-pooing. once i got the word out about the health benefits of silver CHLORIDE they started saying that silver NITRATE was the result of homemade CS. The next time some DUMBASS OR CROOK starts spouting that shit hit them with this..."When ingested, Silver Nitrate is highly toxic to the gastrointestinal tract and central nervous system. Swallowing can cause severe gastroenteritis that may end fatally. Sodium chloride may be used by gastric lavage to remove the chemical. Caustic and irritating to the skin and mucous membranes."that should make them spin out of control.

Cs combined with salt gives silver chloride. some studies suggest that this is how CS works. by combining with the bodies salt to form silver chloride. silver chloride is beneficial. no such factors exist for glucose. CS in saline is ideal.... CS in glucose only negates the effects by absorbing it.

...and if you use IODIZED SALT you get some of this. soooo all that crap about use seasalt only is just more crap.

...simply google silver chloride, health benefits and you will see many references to the fact that colloidal silover combines with the bodies salt to form silver chloride and THAT'S HOW CS WORKS!  I am inclined to believe we should be making silver chloride intentionally. you can see just how full of bullshit all those "experts" are. pretty much everything they espouse is aimed at STOPPING YOU from making and using colloidal you must BUY it or thier devices to make it.

I already posted, awhile back, a third party study of CS that states it probably works BECAUSE of the silver chloride it forms when it meets the bodies salt. READ THIS and PLEASE STFU about no silver.... cause you're full of shit. NOTE: this is NOT a Colloidal silver site.

I am constantly ranting about different FALSEHOODS others teach. one is about salt.... your body has a lot of salt in it. the CS reacts with it to form SILVER CHLORIDE.... i have posted studies where they contend that is how CS works..... SILVER CHLORIDE has health benefits... use your frikken COMMON SENSE......... if salt in the CS is bad then CS would be bad for you.... not a pinch no matter how tiny..... use only a couple grains of salt pre-dissolved and dropped between the elements.... FORGET THE BULLSHIT about salt being bad.... GOOGLE SILVER CHLORIDE YOURSELF.... you may ask yourself WHY they perpetuate that myth...... for the same reason they perpetuate all the rest of the bullshit.... to make it more difficult for you to make CS....

James Cooper: It's not dangerous to use a few grains of salt dissolved in a tablespoon of water and put between the silver rods, but you'll not be creating true colloidal silver, you'll be making silver chloride (which is also very beneficical. I drank it for ten years and was absolutely fine. Keep a small bottle of this first batch and use it as 'starter' for your next batch of true colloidal silver. I just put the wires in a 5 litre bottle of deionised water and leave it on for a few hours (which is why plug-ins are so much better than battery powered).

Your body has a lot of salt in it. the CS reacts with it to form SILVER CHLORIDE.... i have posted studies where they contend that is how CS works..... SILVER CHLORIDE has health benefits... use your frikken COMMON SENSE......... if salt in the CS is bad then CS would be bad for you.


It can be any votlage over 9vdc, any silver, any water, any color and no matter how it turns out it works and is useable.

ANY Cs produced ANY way WORKS!. there is an old saying 

the best is the enemy of good....

The simplst way to make CS is bend the two elements over the edge of the container and hold a 9vdc battery on them by hand. someone has a vid on youtube like this. works.....

Everything but silver protein works and is safe.... electro colloidal silver is the ONLY approved method by FDA..... PRE-1928 method is electro colloidal .

It ALL WORKS and the ONLY THREAT is ARGYRIA and even then it's ONLY with additives... PERIOD..... so much yadda yadda for such a basic bottom line.

You can't get much simpler. A wallwart of 12vdc @ 1+ watts output, two alligator clamps and two silver ribbons. IONS flow off edges. ribbon has the most edge and works much quicker than any other shape of the elements.

No need for rube goldberg devices or configurations. simply bend the elements over the lip of the jug and pinch them in place with the alligator clips. make a gallon at the time. works same way for 5 gallon carboy. why make small amounts ?

Two bits of silver fastened to two pieces of wire hooked to a car battery. The silver elements are the main expense. Glad i bought enough ribbon when silver was $3 oz.

Why COMPLICATE things ? make some and take some.... NO BIG DEAL!

"If your silver is made correctly it needs no help. Your job is just to put it in your system.
The crazy thing about using silver is there is no 'magic combination' you make it correctly and drink it, spray it... and it works.
End of story. Keep it simple."

Our piece of shit almost free homemade devices makes a gallon 15ppm in 30 minutes
If you can make a pot of tea you can make one. takes no more mechanical skills than a kindergartner has. you can strip the insulation off the tips of two wires can't you ? well that's the ENTIRE SKILLS you need to make a cs generator that works.

Sometimes i get frustrated trying to teach colloidal silver.... i just can't understand why you INSIST on overcomplicating it with RUBE GOLDBERG devices, some of which do not even work, when all it takes is two bits of silver and two bits of wire to make a generator....

Here we tend to simplify the process. This is good non-commercial site.


I had said I was going to use CS in my Neti Pot to irrigate my sinuses and I woke up Tuesday morning with the faint beginnings of the yearly ear/nose issues.


Spray liberally with 15ppm ( make your own ) three or four times a day wait a minute and sprinkle on some baking soda. and drink an oz. in a glass of water in the morning on empty stomach.


If you wanna go solar, this unit is a no brainer. already has alligator clips... all you need is silver elements. this unit will make a gallon of 10ppm in about an hour.


I would only use about a teaspoon of your first batch (made with a few grains of salt) as a starter. Dump it between the elements after you're all set up and plugged in.


The elements emit more at the beginning because theres more potential between them. if you notice the "smoke" falls down and gathers in the bottom of the container if the waters still.
when you stir it the elements are better connected and have less potential between them.
stirring dramaticly slows the process. thats why those fancy expensive stirrer machines take many hours to work. so do not stir until almost finished.


For freebies use beer bottles - you can get corks for the beer bottles at hobby lobby.

Blue is the high energy part of the spectrum. the UV energy helps the CS fall out of colloidal state.

Beer bottles work great and are cheap. blue is worse than nothing. clear placed in black plastic bag and then inside a paper bag is what i used initially. plastic is okay for short term storage just not long term.

I just set up 4 bottles in my dining room on the opposite side of a south facing window with no curtain. 1 amber glass, 1 clear glass, 1 clear plastic and 1 dark green glass ~ each with a measure of 13 ppm fresh made today CS....
.... Today is 30 days for the CS I put up for this experiment. Here are my results:Started with 13 PPM 
Amber Glass ~ 10 PPM (Beer Bottle)
Green Glass ~ 9 PPM (Dark Wine Bottle)
Clear Glass ~ 8 PPM
Clear Plastic ~ 4 PPM

What type of plastic bottle was it?
A 2 ounce clear Tupperware container like this:  

Plastic Causes Static Electricity and Any Company Selling Is QUESTIONABLE Colloidal Silver In Plastic Bottles VERY SORRY To Say!!!

*Today I found a small clear plastic spray bottle that I put CS in about 2 months ago. It's been sitting on the same shelf all this time. I thought I would test to see the ppm drop. I always make my CS at 10 ppm. The CS in the spray bottle measured 7 ppm. So while it did drop it didn't drop by much.
* Another myth bites the dust.  


David Hooper PS: snorting is far more violent than laying on your back and using an eye dropper to put a few drops in each nostril and letting gravity assist. There is a weird feeling and you will taste the metallic far more than drinking it but the sinus relief is very fast.


Why not stir it? because of other things and that the Cs is evenly distributed and that slows the process. if it's not stirred the Cs falls away from the elements so they keep producing.
Stirring during process only hides problems. for instance, you wouldn't see any crud buildup even though it's in the product. aeration only adds ppm.

If you make some you'd understand. If the water is STILL the ionic "smoke" falls to the bottom. It only needs o be shaken once. However shaking doesn't hurt. Especially cs that has been stored a long time and/or made very strong because it "plates out".


FORGET ALL THE GLASS BS.... it's good for at least a month in plastic... and i find that even after that only the larger particles plate out. a 15ppm gallon plastic is still 10ppm a year later. what's MORE IMPORTANT is keep it in the dark and cool..... ENERGY INPUT is what makes it fall out of colloidal state.

ANY ENERGY makes it fall out of CS state. That’s why you should keep it in a cool dark place.
If it's in plastic container it has no colloidal silver. if it's in glass but not dark then there's no CS.... if it's in BLUE glass there's NO colloidal silver....

Amber glass Or BLACK coated like they are doing some nowadays. It's okay in plastic for a short time like 30 days or less... and LIGHT makes it fall out of colloidal state too.


We don't take liver or kidney supps because we know that's more bullshit. WE KNOW to take CS alone on an empty stomach.


It should taste like dry water.

It's tasteless to me... but others mention it tastes like dry wine...

The water won't affect the taste much.... what does change the taste is the ppm. it's virtually tasteless below 10ppm. it's not at all unpleasant at almost any strength. not only can you tell ppm by sight, after awhile you can identify it by taste.


 That TDS meters don't work is a myth. propagated by people who want to sell you something.



There is much more going on here than meets the eye.

 Don't take anyones word for anything. question everything. research stuff yourself. don't beleive ANYTHING that ANY colloidal silver advocate says, including me, without researching it yourself from THIRD PARTY sources..... in other words disrgard the silver connection. for instance, google silver chloride and disregard all the colloidal silver websites and focus on the physical facts.... ditto for aerobic an anaerobic etc.note mentions of PH. disregard all colloidal silver sites.... look at medical websites....

I see how all that rigamarole on other sites simply confuses and discourages you ? they are all about convincing you that their product is your only course of action.... when in reality their ain't nuttin to it....

Don't you just love the "EXPERTS" who ( have never actually made or taken any CS ) come here and TELL US what they know about CS that we don't know.... and it turns out to be regurgitated sales schpeel from CS commercial sites.....

Another thing many of you don't realise is that many people are what's called ASSOCIATES...... anyone can sign up to be one.... you get PAID for posting a companies links everywhere. they get paid by the links and/or by the hits and/or bonus for REALLY all you can trust is the total non-commercial people. For instance someone might tell story about how CS cured their blank health problem and here's the link to the cs product they used or the machine.... and they will get a few cents ( up to 10 ) per hit onthe url and perhaps 2% on purchases.

I try to inform my membership about trolls too. because most users don't have a clue that there's a lot more to all this than meets the eye. there's a lot more of them than there are of us.... they get paid....
wanna know why some tell everyone you can't measure CS with a TDS meter? because he doesn't want you measuring the BLENDS he sells. what a load of horsecrap. he mixes CS? puts different kinds together! by his own words it's a mixture when it's made.he simply found a NEW BULLSHIT schpeel that no one else has thought of that makes HIS PRODUCT UNIQUE.... after all you can't examine his without a huge laboratory.... but never you mind HE has ALREADY sent his products off to expensive labs to be tested.... his WATER is somehow unique too.... it never stops....

TROLLS are known to do that. that's what they do. they STEAL what others build. the sad part is how many people, who would condem a thief in a moment, have no compunctions about supporting them when they do steal a group.

I don't know if you ever noticed but when they ask similar question i just say cs can't hurt to try and what others have used it for successfully. or like that bot i told to eat less and shit more.... you can always tell a bot.... they can only answer one evel. after that it's something like " ya momma wears combat boots" or similar.

It's all good.... it ain't that hard to make.... all the people saying theirs is unique are just con artists selling something...

Attn: snots trolls and punks. Do NOT answer ANY question asked here unless you are EXPERIENCED COLLOIDAL SILVER MAKER/user. Do NOT pose as an expert repeating what you have read elsewhere. BS don't fly here.

The con artists hate me for exposing them. i can back my mouth up with facts. they can't...
It wasn't long ago mercola was badmouthing CS saying it was poison etc. it's pretty much what i have been saying all along. we have been showing you how to make colloidal silver. funny he doesn't mention anything below 30ppm huh ? he's new to this. he just jumped on the band wagon since ebola scare.

Do you notice how all the new Cs groups SAY THE SAME BALONEY.... just mimicking each other to feel like they are right.

EVERYONE it seems, has some stake in diluting Colloidal silvers IMPACT ANYWAY they can. either the silvers not good enough, or the voltage ain't good enough, or the machine ain't good enough, or the waters not good enough, or you need to take it with something else... aloe... dmso... dog shit.... WHATEVER! they will say ANYTHING to dissuade you or discourage you from DOING IT NOW! or make sure if you do it's ineffectual...for christs sake JUST DO IT! make and take it ORALLY NOW !. DO NOT be deceived or derailed..... if you don't take it orally you may as well not take it....

We actually look at members you ? you should... especially the troublemakers..... todays are all children/kids.... ones only accomplishment on their timeline is farmer at farmville..... that surely qualifies them to psychoanalyze people.

When you look somebody up and they are members of large numbers of CS groups and run their mouths there advising people howto, even though they say they have ZERO experience with CS then it's probably a troll. when the ADMINS can't call them up in membership it's a sure sign.they have theri settings so you can't look them up..... when they BLOCK ADMINS you know for certain....
I heard colloidal silver makes your teeth fall out. and it makes you impotent. and bald and makes you turn blue... whatever you do don't take Cs daily.... only take if AFTER you're sick.... did you not read the intro ? we are not here to discuss all the NON EXTANT PROBLEMS with CS.... we're here to teach how to make and use it. you began in the right spirit.... with your POSITIVE attitude.... keep it up. ASK ABOUT BULLSHIT on OTHER sites, expecially where you "heard" it. have THEM DOCUMENT their BS...

Did you ever notice ? that all the naysayers use OPINION and SPECULATION based on their subjective anecdotal analysis. but on the other hand all the PRO-CS statements are based on EXPERIENCE.

They say how wonderful it is... but you must have triple distilled water to make it.... and you must have .99999999999999 pure silver to make it.... and you must have 1,567,327 volts AC to make the good stuff and it MUST be stirred contineously and it must be yellow and you can't make it even if you meet that criteria because you MUST make it PRECISELY xxxPPM which YOU can't measure without a university laboratory. so forget it and buy from us... we only charge you $1 an oz. so you can only afford to take DROPS of it at a time.... so in the end it doesn't work and you get discouraged and qiut taking it. in addition whenever anyone mentions colloidal silver you pipe up as to how yu tried it and it didn't work ( like art bell did which dicouraged millions from taking it) BOTTOM LINE.... THAT'S what it's all about. DISCOURAGING people from making it for 1 penny a gallon and taking it. throw in a little BULLSHIT about colloidal copper etc. ( which everyone can get copper) and there you have it. a jillion reason NOT TO MAKE CS.... disguised as info about how great it is. if you're wealthy...

Factcheck and quackwatch and snopes and educate yourself etc.etc. everyone trying to suppress it. big pharma has dedicated bots,even the "herbalists" are against it because they can't push thier swill... doctors/lawyers and indian chiefs against it. EVERYONE who even REMOTELY makes money on peoples health are against it.


True colloids will typically contain more than 50% particles (often 50 – 80%), while the balance (20% to 49%) will be silver ions.

Colloidal state is narrowly defined by particle size and quantity.... WITHIN those parameters particle size and concentration is not important.

Colloidal is a special state of matter. it is NARROWLY defined by particle size and quantity. it is either colloid or not. no matter how many volts or how much your machine costs. i can rub a ballon with a piece of cotton cloth and generate 10,000 volts ( more actuall).

A colloid is a colloid is a colloid ( how many times i've said that ) no matter how much you paid for your machine.


LED flashlight work best - instead of a laser to see the tyndal effect.
It's funny stuff. you have to move the light around while viewing from different angles to see it well.


Nothing works as well as cs for ulcers. not only because it's a bactricide but it's also a powerful astringent which promotes rapid healing. Take a lot on an empty stomach.


you can even use the urine of someone who is on CS as CS. Not to make CS but AS CS since the body uses so little and passes the rest.



Heat speeds the reaction. that's all.

Distilled water does not conduct electricity.

If you can't get distilled water it'll do fine - i know from my filters what's in the air. in dead of winter it has some ash.... in spring it has some pollen.... but in quantities that are only noticeable when concentrated by the filters. in natural state rain is distilled water.


one side effect of CS that no one has addressed is WEIGHT GAIN.... a lot of people experience weight gain after awhile. this is because the CS kills parasites in the larval stage. so if you take CS long enough many parasites are no longer in your system. parasites EAT your food. with fewer of them eating your food you will gain weight..... so eat less LOL :))
I didn't say it does to everyone. some people. some people have so many parasites they are underweight. when they use Cs the weight gain is good...... for those i say eat more

The astringet properties are as important as the bactricidal properties. Use it strong when there are wounds.

Every time you change the bandage. I wish you would have had silver in the beginning. Applying silver at the beginning prevents scaring.

Colloidal silver is a ancient cure making a come back. Once used only by royalty, ('blue bloods") this element in trace amounts will kill any simple celled virus, bacteria, fungus or pathogen. More references coming soon.. the Pharmacutical companies fear this element cause it stands to ruin the pharmacutical industry fully destroying billions of profit they have been greedily stealing from countries health care systems by getting governments to pay for medications that don't cure a disease rather create a dependent person who constantly needs more drugs.. example aids..

1.5mm 999 silver wire from Cooksons, UK.


Don't fall for the colloidal copper scam. there are only a few things that are KNOWN to be in common with EVERY CANCER..... one is the tumors are very high in copper.

All cancers have high levels of COPPER. Minimize your exposure to it. Copper gets into us chiefly through copper plumbing pipes, shellfish and liver.

Researchers at the University of Michigan and the University of South Florida believe that the copper status is critical to the function growth factors.

Copper is believed to be the switch that turns on the angiogenesis process in tumor cells. It has been observed that abnormally high serum copper levels are found in patients with many types of progressive tumors.

According to the University of Michigan Oncology Journal, many studies have shown copper to be an obligatory cofactor in the process of angiogenesis. Growth factors in angiogenesis require binding to copper in order to function properly. As stated in Steven Brem's research at the Moffitt Cancer Center, linked below, "copper-binding molecules [ceruloplasmin, heparin, and tripeptide glycly-histadyl-lysine] are non-angiogenic when free of copper, but they become angiogenic when bound to copper."

On January 21, 2000, the University of Michigan reported that researchers had "successfully stopped the growth and spread of cancer by depriving the tumors of the copper supply they need to form new blood vessels." Dr. George Brewer used an inexpensive compound called copper tetrathiomolybdate (TM) to lower the serum copper levels in patients with cancer. This study was done with a group of 18 patients in hospice with 11 different types of metastatic cancer. The goal of the study was to reduce ceruloplasmin to 20% of baseline for at least 90 days. The treatment achieved this goal in 6 patients, and 5 of those patients have seen no tumor growth or new tumors for more than 2 years. The other 12 patients could not achieve the target copper levels, suggesting that it can take more than a month to reduce copper levels to target, during which time the cancer may progress rapidly.

Copper is a cancer causer . One of the only things EVERY CANCER has in common is they are rich in copper.

Don't fall for the colloidal copper scam. There are only a few things that are KNOWN to be in common with EVERY CANCER..... one is the tumors are very high in copper...

All cancers have high levels of COPPER. Minimize your exposure to it. Copper gets into us chiefly through copper plumbing pipes, shellfish and liver.

Researchers at the University of Michigan and the University of South Florida believe that the copper status is critical to the function growth factors.

Copper is believed to be the switch that turns on the angiogenesis process in tumor cells. It has been observed that abnormally high serum copper levels are found in patients with many types of progressive tumors.

According to the University of Michigan Oncology Journal, many studies have shown copper to be an obligatory cofactor in the process of angiogenesis. Growth factors in angiogenesis require binding to copper in order to function properly. As stated in Steven Brem's research at the Moffitt Cancer Center, linked below, "copper-binding molecules [ceruloplasmin, heparin, and tripeptide glycly-histadyl-lysine] are non-angiogenic when free of copper, but they become angiogenic when bound to copper."

On January 21, 2000, the University of Michigan reported that researchers had "successfully stopped the growth and spread of cancer by depriving the tumors of the copper supply they need to form new blood vessels." Dr. George Brewer used an inexpensive compound called copper tetrathiomolybdate (TM) to lower the serum copper levels in patients with cancer. This study was done with a group of 18 patients in hospice with 11 different types of metastatic cancer. The goal of the study was to reduce ceruloplasmin to 20% of baseline for at least 90 days. The treatment achieved this goal in 6 patients, and 5 of those patients have seen no tumor growth or new tumors for more than 2 years. The other 12 patients could not achieve the target copper levels, suggesting that it can take more than a month to reduce copper levels to target, during which time the cancer may progress rapidly.


the NEW WAY to make colloidal gold.

Less well-known are the more than 140 readings in which Cayce recommended that the gold chloride be taken orally in very small amounts. Oral gold was prescribed for the same diversity of illnesses as vibrational gold, but less frequently. It appears that oral gold was a stronger medication, but it is not clear why the readings recommend it less often. A typical Cayce prescription was to prepare a one grain per ounce solution of gold chloride

Some interesting studies have been done with Aurasol. In one study five participants were given 30 mg of oral gold (Aurasol) for one month. Pre- and post- tests indicated a 20% increase in their mean I.Q., with a residual effect that lasted for one to two months after the supplemental gold was discontinued.

A study conducted with 10 rheumatoid arthritis subjects who had not responded to other medical treatment, resulted in a marked reduction in joint pain, swelling and an increase in mobility in only a week. Six months of continued supplementation with 30 mg of colloidal gold resulted in tenfold lower mean scores for joint pain and swelling. Blood tests performed after a year of supplementation with Aurasol indicated no signs of toxicity.

Colloidal gold cured my RA in about a month.

1 tbsp nightly before bed. makes for great lucid dreaming also.

My RA was genetic. both my parents had it bad by my age. it was so bad my wife had to help me dress. i couldn't lift my arms enough to put on a belt..... now i can shake hands with myself between my shoulder blades.

If you are an experienced colloidal silver maker then you are ready to make gold - it's a the same process you just have to take safety measures.

Do not touch the device when it's working because it uses high voltage.

GOLD SALTS ( not the same as colloidal gold) is an accepted treatment for RA. COLLOIDAL GOLD works much better.

Colloidal Gold is MONOATOMIC GOLD .

Buy gold wire on Ebay: