Monday, October 18, 2010

Argyria Rebuttal

Argyria rebuttalThe term Argyria describes the condition of a bluish
gray color of the skin, and Argyosis the bluing of the
eye white, resulting from the use of SILVER COMPOUNDS.
To better understand the misconception regarding
Argyria, I will quote from the book "The Micro Silver
Bullet"(tm) by Dr. M. Paul Farber 1996 page XII (ISBN
1-887742-00-X)  In reference to a "Journal of American
Medical Association" article, October 18 1995, volume
274 # 15, where cases of Argyria were cited to have
been caused by silver compounds ( not colloidal silver,
but silver mixed with other metals
), note:

"These Case history presentations represent biased and
unprofessional writing. The author's apparent
inability to understand the difference between a
silver nitrate, sulfide, or other silver compound
demon-strates their lack of understanding of basic
chemical properties. The matrix, substrate, and
particle size are all critical to the varied functions
and reactions with use of these products. That is why
there has not been a single case of Argyria from a
properly manufactured modern-day colloidal silver
product. [editors emphasis] The cases of Argyria
reported in the 1920's and 1930's resulted because the
technology of the day was unable to produce a pure
colloidal silver product with a small enough particle
size." Ref. (4-A)

The reported cases of Argyria usually involved very
high and frequent doses over extended periods of time
of silver salts/compounds
such as silver sulfate,
silver nitrate, silver chloride, etc.


The Environmental Protection Agency's Poison Control
Center reports no toxicity listing for Colloidal
; it is therefore considered harmless in any
However all of the silver salts are
identified as toxic, although the only adverse effect
noted is Argyria. Therefore
the concern is with silver salts not Colloidal Silver.