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Argyria Rebuttal

Argyria rebuttalThe term Argyria describes the condition of a bluish
gray color of the skin, and Argyosis the bluing of the
eye white, resulting from the use of SILVER COMPOUNDS.
To better understand the misconception regarding
Argyria, I will quote from the book "The Micro Silver
Bullet"(tm) by Dr. M. Paul Farber 1996 page XII (ISBN
1-887742-00-X)  In reference to a "Journal of American
Medical Association" article, October 18 1995, volume
274 # 15, where cases of Argyria were cited to have
been caused by silver compounds ( not colloidal silver,
but silver mixed with other metals
), note:

"These Case history presentations represent biased and
unprofessional writing. The author's apparent
inability to understand the difference between a
silver nitrate, sulfide, or other silver compound
demon-strates their lack of understanding of basic
chemical properties. The matrix, substrate, and
particle size are all critical to the varied functions
and reactions with use of these products. That is why
there has not been a single case of Argyria from a
properly manufactured modern-day colloidal silver
product. [editors emphasis] The cases of Argyria
reported in the 1920's and 1930's resulted because the
technology of the day was unable to produce a pure
colloidal silver product with a small enough particle
size." Ref. (4-A)

The reported cases of Argyria usually involved very
high and frequent doses over extended periods of time
of silver salts/compounds
such as silver sulfate,
silver nitrate, silver chloride, etc.


The Environmental Protection Agency's Poison Control
Center reports no toxicity listing for Colloidal
; it is therefore considered harmless in any
However all of the silver salts are
identified as toxic, although the only adverse effect
noted is Argyria. Therefore
the concern is with silver salts not Colloidal Silver.

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Make your own colloidal silver

This is all thats needed! A 12vdc WallWart ( transformer ) two .999 fine silver ribbons and a glass jug of DISTILLED WATER.

colloidal silver works. the problem with it is that the crooks and con artists have given it a bad name. if it didn't work for you the reason is you didn't have colloidal silver. the FDA did a survey of 36 brands of colloidal silver. of those tested only 6 had ANY measurable silver content. of those only ONE had the advertised amount. so it is critical that you make your own to be assured that you are using colloidal silver.

colloidal silver is easy to make. .

1) you need DISTILLED WATER. why not make at least a gallon batch? or better yet 5 gals. since you buy distilled water in those sizes. since distilled water does NOT conduct electricity you will need a couple grains of pre-dissolved salt added. while most other "experts decry the use of salt it ACTUALLY improves the product. studies indicate that colloidal silver may actually work by reacting with the bodies salt to form SILVER CHLORIDE which has known health benefits.

2) silver dis-associates beginning at 9.37 volts. while 2ea. 9vdc batteries in series does work they are quickly depleted. for a more durable method we use a common WALL WART. the plug in wall transformer we all have a bunch of. the BEST are 12vdc output and at least 1 WATT but 5+ is even better. i also use a SOLAR powered CS generator as well as one that plugs into a common vehicle cigarette lighter and another that clips to a auto battery.

3) you MUST use .999 fine silver. NOTHING LESS than .999 fine. while you can use ANY .999 silver the best configuration is FLAT RIBBON as IONS flow best off edges/points.
insert the silver into the water. make sure the elements don't touch each other and that the alligator clips are not in the water. connect the wallwart ( you've put alligator clips on the wires) and plug it in. as stated you will see "SMOKE" bieng emitted.

when there is OBVIOUSLY colloidal silver in the container it's done. DON"T get obsessive about PPM etc.... studies indicate 5PPM CS is ENOUGH. when the water has the appearence of having a couple drops of milk added it's ready to use. it's common practice to use a LASER to view the CS. shine the LASER through it. when you can see it in the water it's ready. thats called the TYNDAL EFFECT. heres what it looks like

the time needed varies with the silver size, voltage, wattage etc. usually about half hour as i describe. TIP: clean the elements with a 3m brightener pad immediately after use before the blue discoloration hardens.

from left to right in 5ppm increments starting with 5ppm ending with 40ppm

heres the EASIEST and cheapest way to do it. it's simply a 9 volt battery terminal which has been divided into two seperate wires. i got mine from my junk box. slit the terminal open with scissors. i put a dab of 100% clear silicone caulk on each terminal where the wire connects for strength so the wires don't break from use.

it don't get any easier than this. the only problem is the batteries are depleted after a few gallons of CS.

you can do the same with a CIGARETTE LIGHTER PLUG. works even better because it's 12vdc and will work anywhere you have access to a cigarette lighter plug.

you can also do the same thing with a small solar cell or even just two pieces of wire hooked up to ANY electrical source of 9 volts or greater.

If you make or tried to make cs and found it difficult there is a reason.
Don't ask me why but I have found that some containers are difficult to make CS in the FIRST TIME you try.
Try "pickling" the container first by adding salt to the water. Make a strong batch first time.
Either discard this batch or use topically or on animals.
You find the cs makes easily in the container after pickling .
some containers, both glass and plastic, will not make CS not matter what.

if you want to measure the PPM use a HANNA meter ( $12) which also comes free in some water filter pitcher kits.

while colloidal silver is truly miraculous for healing it is even more so as a PREVENTATIVE.... DRINK AS MUCH AS YOU WANT. it won't possibly harm you. we have taken HUGH AMOUNTS DAILY for over a decade. the only side effect is PERFECT HEALTH. we use approx. 5 gallons weekly. for instance i bottle my own distilled water for drinking. i put an OUNCE of CS in EVERY BOTTLE.i drink several daily. the CS keeps them fresh tasting. we use it for every use stated in my blog.

store in glass container out of the light if possible. store in plastic for a couple months only because it plates the silver out. but some have tested this and swear it lasts as well in plastic.

take colloidal silver BY ITSELF. do not make tea with it etc. theres no reason. CS is nearly tasteless. i say nearly because some people can't taste it but some can. heating does nothing to it.

since CS attaches to organic matter you weaken it by making tea with it etc. best taken on empty stomach. by itself.

i have made thousands of gallons of CS. i know hundreds of DAILY USERS. ALL have similar experiences. not only does it work EVERY TIME but it is QUICK and SURE! you will have NO DOUBT about it's effectiveness.

make it! pass it around! Spread the word. teach others how to make it. this is truly miraculous stuff. the TRUTH is that COLLOIDAL SILVER is a SUPPRESSED MIRACLE REMEDY ! no if's an's or buts about it.

you will need a wallwart of at least 12vdc@500ma but the larger the better. here are some suppliers.

heres some large ones

you will need .999 fine silver ribbon. here are a couple suppliers. we use this ribbon because we've found thar ribbon works better than wire or rod because ions flow best off an edge. if you use riogrande to buy your silver you must say that you're making jewelry NOT colloidal silver. for liability reasons they won't sell it to you if you say you're making CS with it.

other suppliers could be your local jeweler or

UPDATE! ARGYRIA ( blue people )

do not believe this bullshit! just because someone says they took colloidal silver and it turned them blue does NOT mean it's true. EVERY person who ever got argyria, that you have seen in the media, did NOT take COLLOIDAL SILVER. do some investigation for yourself! take for instance the most recent BLUE GUY who was on OPRAH WINFREY. did you see what he took? it looked like a glass of MUD! that was NOT COLLOIDAL SILVER. just because he called it that didn't make it so. EVERY blue person you can find will say, if you read thier stories, that they made extremely strong drink. always dark grey to black in color and took an enormous amount of it for extended periods. COLLOIDAL is a state of matter narrowly defined by particle size and concentration. COLLOIDAL SILVER is nearly colorless, invisible to the naked eye. THATS WHY we need to use LASERS or HANNAH METERS to assure we have actual colloidal silver.

what those quacks made was SILVER SOLUTION NOT COLLOIDAL SILVER. silver solution will cause argyria. but even so it takes ingestion of a large amount over an extended time. Theres NEVER been a proven case of argyria from properly made COLLOIDAL SILVER taken in reasonable amounts. NEVER!

I personally have taken an ounce daily first thing in the morning for 12+ years. ditto for my wife. I know DOZENS of others who have done similar. no one has turned blue. the only noticable side effect is PERFECT HEALTH. ALL of them haven't even had the sniffles since they began taking PROPERLY MADE COLLOIDAL SILVER.

colloidal silver is easy to make. but so is beer. yet few people make their own beer.
for those of you who want to buy colloidal silver and want to rest assured of it's quality here is my product.

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Colloidal silver FACTS



Silver has been used in healing as far back in recorded time as 4000 BC. Persian records mention the practice of keeping water in silver vessels. The ancient Babylonian and Greek civilizations were aware of silver's ability to disinfect.

COLLOIDAL SILVER was used as a remedy as far back as ancient Egypt. It continued to be used in the Middle Ages to treat wounds. The Romans reported the use of silver compounds for medical treatment. Before the days of refrigeration, silverware or a silver coin was kept in the drinking water and the milk to retard spoilage. Silverware became prized for the preparation, serving and storage of foods because it was recognized that food processed in silver vessals stored longer and was less likley to cause illness.

According to the 1991 GROLIER encyclopedia " The element silver exhibits bactericidal properties not fully understood, although these are thought to be a result of its ability to absorb oxygen. COLLOIDAL SILVER is used as an antiseptic,germicide,astringent, caustic and for water sterilization and to arrest hemorrhaging by coagulating the blood. Astringents act by shrinking tissues and reducing the permeability (passage of gas or iquid)of membranes.They may be used internally to diminish mucous secretion in a sore throat, check diarrhea, or reduce stomach acid secretion. Externally, they are used for conditions such as cold sores, poison ivy, or hemorrhoids and as antiseptic deodorizers eliminating odor-causing microorganisms."sol is a colloidal system consisting of a solid dispersed in a liquid. If the dispersing medium is water, it may be called a hydrosol. colloidal state is a condition in which one substance is dispersed in another. Colloids are distinguished from suspensions essentially by the size of the dispersed particles: colloidal particulate size is approximately 1 to 500 X (10 to the power of -7) cm.

Colloidal particles do not settle and cannot be filtered by ordinary techniques (as is the case with suspensions). They differ from solutions (in which the particles are of molecular size) as well, in that the dispersed particles of colloids cannot pass through the fine pores of membranes, and cannot therefore be separated out by the technique known as DIALYSIS. Because of their size, colloid particles diffuse slowly. Between suspensions and solutions lies the COLLOIDAL STATE; no clear distinction can be made between fine suspensions and systems of colloid particles that are close to the upper limit of the colloid range".

"The HANDBOOK of the HOSPITAL CORPS of the UNITED STATES NAVY 1953 published by THE BUREAU OF MEDICINE AND SURGERY under the authority of THE SECRETARY OF THE NAVY NavMed P-5004 UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE page 417 stated; QUOTE:" Silver compounds have a wide variety of uses as caustics, astringents, antiseptics, and germicides. Their activity resides in the silver ion, which is a protein precipitant. It is toxic to bacteria by precipitating the protein in the bacteria protoplasm. Colloidal silver preparations, in which the silver does not exist to any large extent as free ions, act by the milder and sustained antiseptic effect brought about by the formation of a protein silver compound which slowly liberates small amounts of ionic silver. Colloidial silver compounds, contain very little ionizable silver. Use of any silver preparation over a long period may cause permanent blue discoloration of the skin and mucous membrane, known as Argyria. The colloidal silver preparations contain high concentrations of silver, largely in non-ionized form. Their antiseptic value depends on the activity of the free silver ions and not on their content. They do not precipitate protein but penetrate the tissues. Those mentioned here are silver proteins and silver halides.

Colloidal silver preparations are used as antiseptics, particularly for application to the mucous membranes of the eye, nose, throat, urethra, bladder, and colon. They are commonly used for infections ot the upper respiratory tract. They are also effective as prophylaxis against gonorrehea, in urethral irrigations about 1 hour after exposure.They are prepared in the form of solutions, ointments, swabs, suppositories, and tampons". END QUOTE

It is known that prior to 1938 colloidal silver was administered in just about every way that modern drugs are used today. These uses included intravenously, orally and topically, i.e. throat gargle, eye drops, douche, open wounds and burns, ( for which it is particularly effective due to it's combined disinfectant and astrigent properties ) it protects the highly suseptable burn tissue from infection while promoting rapid healing. A partial list of documented pre-1938 uses of colloidal silver include; Acne, Athelete's foot,Burns, Cancer ( Dr. Bjorn Nordstrom of the Karolinska Institute, Sweden, has used Silver in his Cancer cure method for many years. Dr.Robert O. Becker MD. in extensive research and experiments with silver,discovered that all CANCER cells changed back to normal.) Conjunctivitis, Diphtheria, Diabetes, Ear "affections", Eczema, Gastritis, Impetigo, Intestinal ailments, Leprosy, lymphagitis, Menier's Symptoms,Neurasthenia, Canine Parvo Virus, Pleurisy, Pruntis Ani, Ringworm, Scarlet Fever, Seplicemia, Shingles,Staph Infections, Syphilis, Tonsillitis, Trachoma, Ulcers, Whooping Cough, Arthritis, Bladder Inflammation,Blood Poisoning, Cholera, Cystitis Dermalitis, Dermatitis, Dysentery, Fibrositis, Gonorrheal Herpes,Influenza, Keratitis, Lupus, Malaria, Meningitis, Pneumonia, Prostate, Rheumatism, Rhinitis, Seborrhea,Skin Cancer, Soft Sores, Strep Infections, Tuberculosis, Toxemia, Trench Foot, Viral Warts, Yeast Infections (i.e. Candida ) and others.Though there is no known (to this author ) data regarding A.I.D.S. (Acquired Immune Defeciency Syndrome ) Dr. Gary Smith, a medical researcher, suggests that silver may be linked to the proper functioning of the Immune System. While analyzing hair samples Dr. Robert Becker noticed a correlation between low silver levels and sickness. He believed that a silver deficiency was the reason for the improper functioning of the immune system. Dr. Beckers experiments concluded that silver works on a wide range of bacteria without any adverse side effects and without damage to the cells of the body.

Dr. Becker also states that in the presence of the silver ion, cancer cells change back to normal cells, regardless of their location in the body.

The March 1978 issue of Science Digest had an article called 'Silver Our Mightiest germ fighter" in which

they stated that more than half of the world's airlines use silver treated water as the method of choice for protecting passengers from water-born diseases." Additionally, the article quoted Dr. Harry Margraf, St.Louis Missouri, as saying "Thanks to eye opening research, silver is emerging as a wonder of modernmedicine.

An antibiotic kills perhaps half dozen different disease organisms, but silver kills some 650. Resistant strains fail to develop...silver is the best all around germ fighter we have." Indeed no known bacteria have developed an immunity to silver. The comeback of silver in medicine began in the 1970's. the late Dr. Carl Moyer, chairman of Washington University's department of Surgery, received a grant to develope better treatment for burn victems. He and Dr. Margraf sought a Anti-septic strong enough, yet safe enough to use over large areas of the body without reacting violently with body tissues. As a result of their efforts, many important new medical uses for silver were discovered. Colloidal Silver has been used successfully against 650 diseases. including, arthritis; athletes foot, bacterial pheumonia: bladder infections; blood parasites;boils; cancer; candida; diabetes; hay fever; herpes; leukemia; lupis; lyme disease: psoriasis; rheumatism; ringworm: staph and streph infections: septic conditions of the eyes, ears, mouth and throat; shingles;skin cancer; ulcers and tonsilitis.

Colloidal Silver can be applied to cuts, scrapes, bug bites, and skin conditions such as acne and eczema and is so safe that it is a common practice in American hospitals for doctors to put a few drops in the eyes of newborn babies to kill bacteria that can cause blindness . Bacteria are developing immunities to modern specialized antibiotics at an alarming rate. The medical community has acknowledged this publicly for years. The Los Angeles Times reported in an article titled "Arsenal of Antibiotics Failing as Resistant Bacteria Develop" October 23, 1994 "But in the last decade, a broad resistance to antibiotics has begun to emerge. And because bacteria can transfer genes among themselves experts only expect the resistance to grow. The potential nightmare is an Andromeda strain, a super-microbe immune to all antibiotics that could wreck havoc." UCLA. Medical Center has reported that "colloidal silver...killed every virus that was tested in the lab."

Colloidal silver is considered by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be a pre-l938 drug. As stated in a September 13, 1991 letter by Food and Drug administration consumer saftey officer Harold Davies, the F.D.A. has no jurisdiction regarding a pure, mineral element. The drug companies lobbied for this and were unsuccessful, because it was more profitable to manufacture 'designer" antibiotics that only killed six to eight "bugs." Contemporary medical tests indicate no known adverse effects, including ARGYRIA, from the use of properly prepared colloidal silver. ARGYRIA is the only known side effect of prolonged ingestion of large particles of silver such as experienced by workers in the mining and photography industry. ARGYRIA is a cosmetic condition resulting in the permanent blue dis-coloration of the mucous membranes.There are no known adverse health effects of ARGYRIA. There has never been a known case of ARGYRIA stemming from COLLOIDAL SILVER use.There has never been a recorded case of drug interaction or reaction with any other medication. It successfully reduces the length and severity of infectious disorders. This is of immense importance in view of recent reports that infectious disease is the third largest killer on the planet.

Silver occurs naturally in the soil as a trace mineral and is one of the essential elements required by plants,animals, and man. In the past we obtained silver and other necessary minerals from the food we ate. This is no longer the case, with most of our crops grown on highly depleted, chemically fertilized soils these minerals are no longer readily available to us except through the use of mineral supplements. Colloidal Silver consists of molecules or pure silver suspended electrically in clean drinking water. Today it is made by driving lightning into fine silver. This process tears the silver molecules apart and deposits them with a high electrical charge into the water. The highest grade colloidal silver is made from .999 silver in 99% distilled water. Colloidal Silver destroys bacteria and simple infections, viruses, yeast, fungi and parasites (in their egg stage ) while protecting the natural enzymes of the body.

It is accepted fact that the best, and usually the most expensive, water treatment system filters contain silver, recent advancements in water treatment systems for the booming home spa and pool industry incorporate silver in the filter element in the intake as well as a device which utilizes a floating solar photovoltaic cell which energizes silver elements to make colloidal silver continuesly while exposed to the suns rays. While both of these methods dramatically reduce the cost of pool upkeep they are unsuitable for medical purposes due to the use of ALLOY elements. High output inline CS generators are now being used by agribiz on irrigation systems to reduce the contamination threat from E.COLI bacteria.

Today with advances in technology the manufacture of colloidal silver is far advanced and superior to the antiquated grind method that was most popular pre-l938. The ONLY form of silver that can be used, safely,as a dietary supplement is colloidal silver. The most advantageous and highest quality colloidal silver is a result of the electro-colloidall non-chemical procedure using the electric-arc technique. This method allows for the concentration of colloidal silver to be measured in parts per million (PPM). The best way to ascertain if a product is a true colloidal silver is by reviewing the ingredients. Additives or stabilizers may make the product unsuitable. Refrigeration may indicate that there is an ingredient (additive) that might spoil at room temperature. Long term stability is an important aspect of colloidal silver. Trying to impress the public, some companies go for a higher concentration (thousands of parts per million) of the silver, but then necessity requires that they use stabilizers.

COLLOIDAL Silver in Medical Literature

AIDS Study

Eight people recover from the AIDS virus in a scientifically documented study.

An additional seven AIDS patients recover as verified by anecdotal reports, as reported by Dr. M. Paul Farber, M.P. N.D.,Ph.D., D.C. Author of the "Micro Silver Bullet TM" 4th Edition, November 1996 ISBN 1-87742-00 X Pages XIII & XVI.

Lyme Disease "Borrelia burgdorferi and hermsti, organisms associated with causing the symptoms of Lyme Disease,were tested at the Department of Health and Human Services, Rocky Mountain Laboratories and Fox Chase Cancer Center, respectively, in 1995; in the Rocky Mountain Labs study,it was demonstrated that no live spirochetes of either borrellia burgdorferi [B310 Orhermsti (HS-1)] survived after 24 hours of exposure to colloidal silver in concentrations of 15 ppm and 150 ppm." - Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health, Rocky Mountain Laboratories, January, 13, 1995, Schuan, Tom, Ph.D., Burgdorfer, Willy, Ph.D.

Cancer Research

"Research by Dr. Robert O. Becker, and others indicated that in laboratory tests conducted, Colloidal Silver reverted cancer cells back to normal (not kill them but return them to normal). Other observations were made such as a correlation between silver deficiency and illness or proper immune system functioning,burns,soft tissue and bone repair acceleration, and the formation of cells that appear to be able to repair virtually any part of the body. Reduction of inflammation and the antibacterial,germicidal, astringent, antibiotic attributes so far observed are yet to be fully understood." - The Body Electric, Dr. Robert O. Becker ISBN 0688069711 Quill, New York or William Morrow & Company


C.E.A. MacLeod reports colloidal silver being used with marked success in the following cases: "Septic and follicular tonsillitis, Vincent's angina, phlyctenular conjunctivitis, gonorrheal conjunctivitis, spring catarrh, impetigo (contagious acne of face and body), septic ulcer of legs,

ringworm, soft sores, suppurative appendicitis after operation (the wounds cleaned rapidly), pustular eczema of scalp and pubes, chronic eczema of meatus of ear with recurrent boils, chronic suppuration in otitis media, and bromidrosis of feet. By injection:gonnorrhoea and chronic cystitis (local), boils,epididymitis." - Lancet, Feb. 3, 1912 p. 83.

"The germicidal action of certain metals in the colloidal state having been demonstrated, it only remained to apply them to the human subject, and this has been done in a large number of cases with astonishingly successful results. It is not suggested that colloidal metal solutions have no disadvantages, but for internal administration, either orally or hypodermically, they have the advantage of being rapidly fatal to the parasites both bacterial and otherwise without any toxic action on the host. Colloidal silver solution is quite stable even in the presence of salts and the normal constituents of the blood. Its destructive action on toxins is very marked, so that it will protect rabbits from ten times the lethal dose of tetanic (from tetanus) or diphtheric toxin." - Searle,

A. B. The Use of Colloids in Health and Disease (Quoting from the British Medical Journal, May 12, 1917 p.83), E.P. Dutton & Company, New York, 1919, p.75

Professional Quotes Regarding Colloidal Silver "... in this eye-opening research,silver is emerging as a wonder of modern medicine... perhaps, it soon will be recognized as: OUR MIGHTIEST GERM FIGHTER. For example,even the most powerful pharmaceutical antibiotics are effective against only a small number of microorganisms, and then only until drug-resistant strains develop.Yet,research at Washington University School of Medicine ... has shown that silver is bactericidal to nearly 650 different disease-causing organisms,and that silver-resistant bacteria strains do not develop." ---Science Digest "It killed not only the HIV virus, but every virus that was tested in the lab." ---U.C.L.A. Medical Center

"When silver was present,the cancer cell differentiated and the body was restored." Dr. Gary Smith

"...major enhancement of both the rate and competency of the healing process...the germ-killing of silver has been known for some time...the Soviets use silver ions to sterilize recycled water aboard their space

stations... It kills even antibiotic strains, and also works on fungus infections...

It stimulates bone-forming cells, cures the most common stubborn infections of all kinds of bacteria, and stimulates healing in the skin and other soft tissues."

Robert O. Becker, M.D. -author of The Body Electric "... studies showed the spectrum of organisms

susceptible to electrically generated silver ions was wide and .... compared favorably with...other antibiotics" --- J.A. Spadaro, Ph.D.

"I know of no microbe that is not killed in laboratory experiments in six

minutes." Dr. Henry Crooks "...the colloidal metals... are remarkable for their beneficial action in infective states."--- Dr.Hirschberg, John Hopkins Hospital

"Silver is one of the most universal antibiotic substances. When administered in the colloidal form, it is for all practical purposes non-toxic. Silver has been proven to be effective against hundreds of infectious con ditions.It has tremendous anti-microbial power; the history of safe and successful colloidal silver use is extensive, and the number of current health professionals and individuals that successfully utilize colloidal silver to reduce the length and severity of infectious disorders is growing exponentially."Zane

Baranowski, CN "To primitive life forms...silver is as toxic as the most powerful chemical disinfectants and this, coupled with its relativ harmlessness to animate life (i.e.mammals), gives it great potential as a disinfectant." N.R.Thompson - Runcorn Health Laboratory in England

"With the many research reports and personal testimonials of it being a full spectrum natural antibiotic that destroys virtually all known and developing/mutating pleomorphic pathogens would be a lot of excitement regarding colloidal silver, especially from within the medical community...The harsh reality regarding the FDA,AMA Pharmaceutical,and scientific community is that there appears to be a lack of enthusiasm.

Reluctance to help validate theeffectiveness of colloidal silver seems all too common. Although this is changing, the reason for the possible resistance may be rooted primarily in economics. For example, colloidal silver is regarded by the FDA as a pre-1938 drug. Moreover, the FDA does not have jurisdiction regarding a pure mineral element. There has been no incentive for the aforementioned bodies to go through the expensive process of controlled studies to provide proof regarding uses and effectiveness, such as the UCLA and others have done." E. Vincent Goetsch in his book,"Colloidal Silver Maker& Researcher's Manual"

"Silver is emerging as a wonder of modern medicine. An antibiotic kills perhaps a half-dozen different disease organisms, but silver kills some 650! Resistant strains fail to develop. Moreover, silver is virtually non-toxic." The Association for Advanced Colloid Research

"Silver Colloids greatly assist in eliminating all known pathogens and guard against opportunistic infections. This 'second immune system' is synergistic..."

Dr. Robert C. Beck, DSc., wrote in"Explore!"

"Colloidal silver is very effective in treating periodontal disease (gum disease).

My patients enjoy the clean fresh breath as colloidal silver immediately cleanses the mouth and destroys odor-causing bacteria.

I would recommend that colloidal silver solutions be used after each dental procedure or surgery to eliminate infection and speed healing." S.R.

Cobble,D.D.S.Obstetrics and Gynecology

"The medicine department of obstetrics and gynecology at UCLA conducted tests in 1988 regarding the use of silver solutions as disinfectants. Anti-microbial and anti-bacterial effects were demonstrated in 10/5 concentrations per milliliter of the following: neisseria gonorrhea, gardurella vaginalisis, streptococcus pyogenes, staphylococcus aureus, candida albicans, candida eolobata, m. furfur,salmonella typhi." Larry C. Ford, M.D., UCLA Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, UCLA School of Medicine, November, 1, 1988.

John Meredith, an experienced medical writer, has written a good article entitled: "The Rebellion of Germs Against Antibiotics". Mr. Meredith points out the dangers of the modern world for the easy spread of infections that antibiotics can do nothing about. He explains why drug companies hate natural remedies. They do not make available grant money to study what they feel that they cannot make money on. Mr.Meredith makes reference to a number of cases that colloidal silver has helped including "Gulf War Syndrome" and a number of common medical conditions. He makes reference to a Dr. Tipton who feels that it should be a daily mineral supplement. The article makes a point on why every household should keep colloidal silver on their shelves. It is great to protect children and the elderly. A reference is make about protection from food poisoning which is becoming more and more a serious public health issue.

Silver Ion Therapy for HIV/AIDS and Septicemia

by Dr. Charles D. Beal, M.D.

Silver in various forms has long been known to be microbiocidal. In recent years it has been used to sterilize waste water, often in combination with chlorine as a means to reduce the dosage of chlorine needed. Silver iodide and other silver salts have been used Medically as antiseptics for decades. In l978, Dr. Robert O.Becker, an orthopedic surgeon, treated a series of infected, open long bone fractures, resistant to all available antibiotics. He used silver ions produced by a low intensity direct current (LIDC) applied to silver coated nylon meshes placed on the open wounds.

The report showed excellent results, but did not generate much interest in the medical community, which continued to rely on new antibiotics as they became available, but still with not infrequent failures. In 1989, while attending the international AIDS Conference in San Francisco, Philip Burris, Ph.D., wondered if silver ions could be used to kill the HIV virus in humans. He was able to have done in vitro studies showing that the LIDC technology could prevent the transmission of the HIV virus from infected to non-infected lymphocytes without damaging the lymphocytes. Other studies showed many bacteria to be quite sensitive to silver ions, with human cells being much less sensitive. Waste water studies of viruses occurring in sewage found the hepatitis A virus to be the most resistant to silver ions, the polio virus less resistant, and the rotovirus the most sensitive. The hepatitis virus, of course, is known to be quite resistant to antiseptics, heat and drying. The method appears useful for the eradication of Legionella pneumophilia from cooling systems.

Rationale for Treatment of HIV With Silver Ions:

Silver ions are produced in enormous quantities when an electric current is passed through silver metal in saline or other conducting solution, including blood. The amount of current needed is much lower than the current needed to affect the heart muscle. Silver ions are positively charged while viruses and bacteria have a weak negative charge. Thus, there is a mutual attraction between the ions and the organisms, the latter being inactivated by the ions. It seems likely that the silver ions also attach to red blood cells and proteins in the blood, as well as combining with chloride ions. Nevertheless, the enormous quantity of silver ions produced appear adequate to destroy the viral particles. The half-life of the ions in the blood is calculated to be 7.8 seconds, giving them time to react with many virons, particularly if the electrode is placed in a large blood vessel,such as the superior vena cava, which empties directly into the heart with blood from many different veins. The blood entering the heart then is pumped immediately to the lungs where the ions should still be active. It is not known,however, whether silver ions delivered via the blood stream will be found to be useful to treat pulmonary infections. The blood returning to the heart after oxygenation then is distributed to the remainder of the body. An electrode placed in an artery should be able to deliver the ions directly and rapidly to the target organ. How practical or effective such treatment would be is not known.

Animal Studies

Both cats and certain primates can be infected with a fatal disease caused by retroviruses similar to HIV. The feline immuno-deficiency virus (FIV) appears to be transmitted to other cats through the saliva, that is, through biting. FIV is not known to be infectious to humans. Dr. Burris was able to obtain one very ill FIV infected cat from a neighbor, but could not convince any veterinarian in the area to treat the cat with silver ions. Eventually he found a research veterinarian practicing in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, who anesthetized the cat, placed a silicone rubber catheter containing a silver wire protruding from its end into the superior vena cava via a jugular vein. A cathode was attached to the skin of the chest.

The microamp power indicated above was applied for 22 minutes by means of a small power supply, followed by the nanoamp power for 90 minutes. It was assumed that the cat would soon die of its disease. Thus the primary purpose of this treatment was to determine silver levels in the blood. It was found that the natural level was increased only briefly by about 10%. All animals maintain trace amounts of silver in the body. Of great interest, however, is that by the second post-treatment day the cat began eating well, and within four weeks the many sores on its back and

ears had healed. The cat was treated in March, l996, and at the present appears perfectly healthy. It is not known whether some infectious agents remain in the cat's body. Since that apparently successful effort, attempts have been made to obtain the FIV infected cats for treatment, but so far without success. We have been informed, however, that in recent years neither the FDA nor the National Institutes of Health (NIH) have been requiring animal studies prior to evaluating anti-HIV drugs in humans.

Human Studies

Cesar Garcia Ramirez, MD, practicing in Tijuana, became aware of the FIV treatment, and felt that it would be a compassionate act to at least try the

therapy on some of his dying AIDS patients. He obtained permission from the Baja California Division of Public Health, as well as agreement for the treatment protocol from a group of physicians serving

as the Institutional Review Board (Human Studies Committee). Volunteer patients were fully informed and signed consent forms. Initially, three very ill patients were chosen. Silver electrodes in silicon rubber catheters were placed in arm veins and passed up as far as the vena cava, or near to it. Each patient was treated for 12 minutes at 2.5 microamps, then for 72 hours at 125 microamps except that one patient was treated for only 48 hours. All three patients felt better by the second day, and considerably better by Day 5. Viral loads dropped precipitously, almost to zero in one patient and much lower than the initial count in the other two. The next three months were spent in equipment improvement, seeking to be able to reduce viral loads rapidly to zero in all patients, and to be able to maintain the zero level for weeks or months if need be until the badly damaged immune system has had time to recover and be able to itself combat the infection. The virus is present not only in the blood stream, but also in lymph nodes and other organs of the body.

Currently in the Tijuana study, catheters are implanted in the subclavian vein (behind the clavicle) and extend to the right auricle of heart, with the electrode protruding from the end of the catheter.

Since the electrodes in their present form oxidize and stop producing ions in about 5 days, the present system allows the silver electrode to be removed and replaced while the catheter remains in place. Using this method, viral levels have been maintained at zero or nearly so for six weeks in one patient. Her CD4 count is now beginning to rise, as is the total lymphocyte count. Most importantly, she feels much better than prior to treatment. She also was infected with herpes, hepatitis C,toxoplasmosis of the brain, and cytomegalovirus (CMV) affecting one eye. It thus is very surprising that the patient has improved so much.

Whether any of these secondary opportunistic infections have in reality been successfully treated can be determined only after prolonged follow-up. Many more patients will need to be treated and followed for these often-fatal complications.In addition to the work described above, 18 AIDS patients, all seriously ill, are now under treatment. The therapy is being done on a compassionate basis, responding to very strong pressure from the local AIDS community, their families and friends. Unfortunately, in none of these 18 is adequate laboratory work being performed, simply because the cost of the rather extensive studies required to document the value of silver ion therapy is too great. Virtually all of these patients are destitute. It is very gratifying, nevertheless, that all of them now are feeling much better, and some quite well. It is little wonder that there is such pressure for treatment.

Side Effects of Silver Ion Therapy

Until now no side effects attributable to this therapy have been observed. It should be remembered that the present most effective oral therapy available - protease inhibitors used in combination with other drugs - is quite toxic,producing many side effects, enough so that some patients are unable to tolerate the therapy. One patient that was treated with silver ions for only 48 hours had a serious flare-up of his herpes infection soon after the treatment was stopped. On the other hand, the woman described above who was treated for 6 weeks, experienced a disappearance of her herpes lesion. At present it is impossible to say whether the silver ion therapy was the cause of the effect in either case.

Silver Metal Toxicity

Silver appears to be a relatively non-toxic trace metal for mammals. It is largely metabolized and excreted by the liver into the bile and eliminated from the body.

In the past the excessive and long term use of silver compound nose and eye drops in some people were found to produce a grayish discoloration of the skin, termed "Argyria." Even the large amount of silver required to produce this staining appeared to cause no other problems. Some silver compounds, such as silver nitrate, are highly caustic. It has been observed that ingestion of 10 grams of this substance is fatal to human adults, but the amount of colloidal silver entering the body using the above protocol is measured in micrograms. It is not certain that some months of treatment will not produce evidence of toxicity, but it is considered a very good sign that none has been observed so far.

Anticipated Further Studies

As of the present only 4 patients have been treated and followed with adequate laboratory studies. The ideal design of the equipment and its use in the body continues to need exploration. How long initial therapy needs to be continued remains to be determined, and whether periodic pretreatment will be required can only be determined by long term follow-up of the patients. Whether silver ion therapy will work best in combination with other modes of treatment must be explored. It is believed that for the initial Phase 1 studies conducted in Tijuana a total of 50 patients need to be treated and carefully followed,collecting enough laboratory and clinical data to present to the US FDA, as well as regulatory bodies of other countries, in order to gain permission to continue the trials in the USA and elsewhere. Laboratory research needs to accompany

the clinical work. It seems likely that there will be many other applications for silver ion therapy, such as the treatment of septicemias (bacteremias) and other infections. Septicemia is a very common cause of death in seriously ill and in some healthy patients who contract antibiotic resistant ("killer") streptococci, as well as other highly pathogenic bloodborne organisms. Septicemia being bloodborne, should be immediately and forcefully reacted upon by the silverions.

For antibiotic resistant septicemias there presently are no satisfactory therapeutic options,though many millions of dollars have been spent in the search. Some of the many agents responsible for respiratory infections may respond to the therapy.

Preliminary laboratory work can help define which infections are more likely to respond. It is known that some leukemias and certain other cancers are related to viral infections. Some patients suffering from chronic fatigue and similar syndromes may have indolent viral infections. All of these possibilities need to be explored as to whether or not they will respond to silver ions. Agents of tropical diseases such as malaria, typhoid, Chagas, and leishmaniasis should undergo preliminary laboratory evaluation prior to human trials. Lassa, Ebola and Hanta Viruses, often rapidly fatal, might respond to quite short term,easily administered therapy. Thus almost certainly the most immediate and urgent use of silver ions will be found in the treatment of HIV/AIDS and septicemia. Still, many other possibilities eventually should be explored.

Recent comments contributed by this institute to the FDA in response to its proposed rule-making point out that silver is a dietary supplement under the meaning of 21 U.S.C. Section 321 (ff), if it is labeled as a dietary supplement and not labeled for therapeutic use. Under this section of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, known as the dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994, a dietary supplement, including a mineral, intended to supplement the diet, and intended for ingestion, and labeled as a dietary supplement may not be prohibited from being marketed unless the product "presents a significant or unreasonable risk of illness or injury" when consumed in accordance with its recommended or suggested labeling or under ordinary conditions of use.

In this regard, you should be advised that we recently completed an extensive review of the scientific literature on the safety of silver, especially as it relates to its one known potential side effect,namely, Argyria. Argyia is an irreversible discoloration of the pigment (skin) caused by excessive silver intake or chronic exposure to silver by certain tissues. The amount of silver required to develop Argyria is estimated to be 3.8 grams per day.

By comparison standard 10 ppm colloidal silver contains silver in amounts equaling less than 1milligram of silver (1,000 micrograms = 1 milligram; 1,000 milligrams - 1 gram), which therefore represents an amount approximately 1/500th to 1/1000th of the amount of silver considered to be a risk in the development of Argyria.

Most cases of Argyria reported in the medical literature over the last 100 years involved chronic intravenous or intramuscular use of the silver preparations, most often involving a silver drug prescribed by physicians which in most cases contained silver nitrate. Other cases of Argyria reported in the medical literature involve application of silver preparations used for many months or years in the treatment of the eye or vagina for certain diseases. We could not locate a single case of orally consumed colloidal silver manufactured in the last 25 years causing Argyria in our review of the literature. This is probably due to the low levels of silver contained in such preparations, since only very small amounts of silver are needed for its antiseptic effect.

Humans consume approximately 100 micrograms of silver every day in the diet.Additional amounts within this range would be considered safe by all reasonable estimates, especially if the amount needed to develop Argyria would be equivalent of 380,000 micrograms (or3.8 grams) of silver a day.

As for the efficacy of silver preparations, we found considerable scientific evidence published over the last 75 years that a number of silver compounds can be effective germicidal (antiseptic) agents against several hundred pathogenic organisms. However, silver is not termed an antibiotic as some have claimed because an antibiotic by definition is derived from a living organism.

I hope this information is of assistance. We appreciate the concerns expressed at this time by some of your distributors and customers based on the recent proposed rule-making of the FDA. However, that rule-making seems directed at OTC drug-like silver preparation, products that contain magnitudes of silver greater than might be found in a normal colloidal silver product.

Alexander G. Schauss, Ph.D.

Director, Life Sciences Division

John Hopkins University

Dr. Alexander Schauss, Ph.D.

Alexander G. Schauss, Ph.D., is the Director of the Life Sciences Division of the American Institute for Biosocial Research, Inc. in Tacoma, WA. He is a member of the Government's Commission on Dietary Supplements.

He holds joint faculty positions as Associate Professor of Research and Senior Director of Research and Development at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences, in Tempe, AZ.And, as Associate Professor of Behavioral Sciences at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, OR.

Dr. Schauss is an Emeritus Member of the New York Academy of Sciences, former Chairman of the Food Policy Council of the National Council for Public Health Policy, Founding Member of the British Society

of Nutritional Medicine, Emeritus Executive Director of the American Preventive Medical Association, Emeritus Executive Director and current President of Citizens for Health, and a member of the American Public Health Association and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

He is an accomplished author and lecturer, and has appeared on almost every major radio and television talk show in the United States. His most recent book,

"MINERALS, TRACE ELEMENTS AND HUMAN HEALTH" has become a national best seller.

Argyria rebuttal

The term Argyria describes the condition of a bluish gray color of the skin, and Argyosis the bluing of the eye white, resulting from the use of SILVER COMPOUNDS.

To better understand the misconception regarding Argyria, I will quote from the book "The Micro Silver Bullet"(tm) by Dr. M. Paul Farber 1996 page XII (ISBN1-887742-00-X) In reference to a "Journal of American Medical Association" article, October 18 1995, volume 274 # 15, where cases of Argyria were cited to have been caused by silver compounds (not colloidal silver,but silver mixed with other metals), note: "These Case history presentations represent biased and unprofessional writing.

The author's apparent inability to understand the difference between a silver nitrate, sulfide, or other silver compound demon-strates their lack of understanding of basic chemical properties. The matrix, substrate, and particle size are all critical to the varied functions and reactions with use of these products. That is why there has not been a single case of Argyria from a properly manufactured modern-day colloidal silver product. [editors emphasis]

The cases of Argyria reported in the 1920's and 1930's resulted because the technology of the day was unable to produce a purecolloidal silver product with a small enough particle size." Ref. (4-A)

The reported cases of Argyria usually involved very high and frequent doses over extended periods of time of silver salts/compounds such as silver sulfate, silver nitrate, silver chloride, etc.

"...we recently completed an extensive review of the scientific literature on the safety of silver, especially as it relates to its one known potential side effect,namely, Argyria. Argyia is an irreversible discoloration of the pigment (skin) caused by excessive silver intake or chronic exposure to silver by certain tissues.Most cases of Argyria reported in the medical literature over the last 100 years involved chronic intravenous or intramuscular use of the silver preparations, most often involving a silver drug prescribed by physicians which in most cases contained silver nitrate. Other cases of Argyria reported in the medical literature involve application of silver preparations used for many months or years in the treatment of the eye or vagina for certain diseases. We could not locate a single case of orally consumed colloidal silver manufactured in the last 25 years causing Argyria in our review of the literature." Alexander G. Schauss, Ph.D. Director, Life Sciences Division John Hopkins University

The Environmental Protection Agency's Poison Control Center reports no toxicity listing for Colloidal Silver; it is therefore considered harmless in any concentration. However all of the silver salts are identified as toxic, although the only adverse effect noted is Argyria. Therefore the concern is with silver salts not Colloidal Silver.

BYU study shows colloidal silver is as good as penicillin

By Lois M. Collins Deseret, News staff writer

Tests of a colloidal silver solution have concluded that it provides an alternative to antibiotics.

Researchers in Brigham Young University's department of microbiology were asked to test the antimicrobial activity of Colloidal Silver. Silver is "colloidal" when it is suspended in small amounts in liquid.

Silver in various forms has been used for centuries as an antimicrobial agent. In the 1800s and early 1900s,people put silver coins in their water barrels to kill microbes and make the water potable. A silver nitrate ointment is applied to the eyes of newborn babies to prevent certain eye problems. And silver sulphadiazine is regularly used to treat burn wounds.

Use of Colloidal Silver, once common, faded with the advent of antibiotics. Recently, though, concerns about overuse of antibiotics and the development of antibiotic-resistant microbes has lead to a resurgence of silver's popularity.

And with good reason, according to the study, conducted by BYU's David A.Revelli,microbiologist,and Ron W.Leavitt. The study compared Colloidal Silver to five classes of antibiotics: the tetracyclines, fluorinated quinolones (Ofloxacin), the penicillins, the cephalosporins (Cefaperazone) and the macrolides (Erythromycin).

Both the silver and antibiotics were tested on a variety of microorganisms, including streptococcuses, pneumonia, E. coli, salmonella, shigella and others.

According to the study, silver "exhibits an equal or broader spectrum of activity than any one antibiotic tested." Where each antibiotic was effective against specific susceptible organisms, silver "is equally
effective" against both gram positive and gram negative organisms.

"The data suggests that with the absence of toxicity associated with Colloidal Silver, in general, and the broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity of Colloidal Silver, it may be effectively used as an alternative to antibiotics," Revelli and Leavitt wrote.

Dr. Dianne Farley-Jones, a family practitioner, recommends Colloidal Silver to her patients for external problems. She hasn't used it internally much, though she said it works quite well for ear infections. "With any kind of abrasion or skin problem, it works really well and really fast. And it seems to have an anti-inflammatory effect, though that hasn't been proven."Colloidal Silver also seems to have an antiviral effect,Farley-Jones said. She's used it at different times but hadn't recommended it until she saw the BYU research data. Now she encourages patients to use it as a nasal rinse for sinus infection or to spray their throats if they feel like they're getting a viral sore throat.

Can Silver Treat


by Nancy Robey

Is there a simple, inexpensive treatment for AIDS?

Perhaps so. An obscure but crucial discovery was made at the Biochemsitry Unit of Upjohn Laboratories in 1991: "Among a number of metal ions tested, Zn2+(zinc), Cn2+ (copper), and Ag1+ (silver) were found to be the most effective inhibitors of renin and the HIV protease (data not shown). Kenectic analysis revealed that inhibition of renin by Ag1+ (silver) is basically identical with that seen with Zn2+ (zinc), i.e., concompetitive, first order with respect to the metal."

Biochemistry, September 10, 1991.

Further testing at Upjohn, including a clinical trial, revealed that zinc was toxic in effective dosages.This was the first report that silver is a highly effective protease inhibitor. Over the following years, this same discovery would be made several times. The following article is from the Orem Herald of Provo, Utah,

February 13, 1992, on page D1:

The small glass vial is filled with clear liquid resembling water. But an Orem resident is convinced it contains the cure for AIDS. "I don't have a doubt in my mind. It's what eats me alive at night," says Daryle Tichy. Suspended in the liquid, which is mostly distilled water, are ultrafine particles of positively charged silver. By researching within several different sciences, Tichy has determined that the solution will kill the AIDS virus without harming the human body.

Tichy, a full time member of the administrative staff at Brigham Young University's physical plant, said he considers himself a searcher, not a researcher. He looks for patterns and answers to problems by crossing the boundaries of different disciplines such as physics and medicine... Tichy said he had the material tested at two different labs; results showed the solution killed a variety of pathogens, including the HIV virus.

A year later, this same discovery was made at the University Medical Center in Geneva, Switzerland:"Metal-binding proteins are important components of retroviruses such as human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Therefore, metals could be used as antiviral agents...silver is a highly active bactericidal metal with little toxicity for humans. Silver has also been shown to be a potent inhibitor of HIV protease."

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, December 30, 1992. Three years later, Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, made this same discover apparently independently: "We tested the ability of biotic silver protein to inhibit human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) replication in the human T cell line, SupT 1, as measured by syncytia formation. We found that pure silver protein inhibited HIV-1 replication in SupT 1cells as measured by a reduction in the appearance syncytia in cell culture. There appeared to be little if any acute toxicity associated with the dose of biotic silver protein which inhibited HIV-1 replication...These results are very encouraging and suggest additional experiments that could be done..."

Earl E. Henderson, Ph.D. Professor.

The following March 20, 1995, Professor Earl E. Henderson released the findings of another experiment at Temple University: "My laboratory has studied the effects of special formulation of biotic silver protein on human immunodeficiency virus Type 1 (HIV-1) survival and on latency reactivation of HIV-1 in the human lymphoblastoid B cell line, M57-3...The results of the...experiment show that exposure of HIV-1 to 1000 ppm of special formulation of silver protein for one hour at 37 degrees Centigrade completely eliminates infectious HIV-1 as measured by syncytia formation on SupT 1 cells..."

This is what an AIDS patient says about silver therapy: "I was infected with HIV through a forced infection in 1991. I tested positive for the HIVantibody November 18, 1991; of course, the same day as my birthday. From that day forward, my life became something totally beyond anything I could have expected...It has been rough,though. HIV has helped me so, so much. The experience has given me access tomy own soul again, to a living, breathing relationship with Spirit; regardless, I have literally gone to hell for much of it...While I had plenty of good days, I was getting more and more bad days... "The 106 degree fevers began to return, the intense body pain, the harsh, long-lasting chills... I began to make my own immediate funeral arrangements ....and then this voice popped into my head and told me to get the hell on colloidal silver RIGHT NOW! Sure enough, within a week I had begun to gain the weight I had lost back, and in two weeks, I had gone back to mountain climbing.Wow!

I still feel absolutely incredible. I have symptoms of nothing and I am back to my hyperactive self. This new dosing of silver seems to be taking care of my oral thrush problem and is keeping the MAC at bay ...I'd like to think I could be cured of this disease...I feel so good that, if I was to start getting sick again and move closer to death, I would be so thankful for this period of absolute health that it would be okay. I do not know how long I am to live, nor do I know how my death will come." T. W.

Colloidal Silver F.A.Q.

1. Q. What does "Colloidal" mean? A. The word "Colloidal" refers to something which has such a small particle size that when it is suspended (not dissolved) in a liquid medium (such as water) the particles neither sink to the bottom nor float to the top. The particles are also "ionic", which means that all the particles have the same molecular charge, so they repel each other. In the case of Colloidal Silver (CS), the particles are as small as 1/7,000th the size of a red blood cell, which makes them very easy to assimilate.

2. Q. What about purity? How long does Colloidal Silver last? A. Colloidal Silver doesn't "spoil" like most other supplements do. Since no organisms can live in CS, nothing can make it "spoil". When CS is made using the low-voltage method, over a period of time some of the silver ions lose their charge and are attracted to other nearby ions, where they clump or "aggregate" together. When this happens, the CS begins to change color as the silver particles become large enough to refract light. Depending upon the batch - how long it was "brewed", what kind of "starter" was used, what level voltage and current was used, what type of purified water was used, etc. - the CS may acquire a color ranging from light yellow to dark gold, or even a grayish cloudiness. None of this effects the efficacy of CS. Even were the CS to reach a color of dark brown or purple, it would not be toxic, though it is believed by many that it is less assimilable. When using the high-voltage method to make CS, the CS solution becomes very stable, and this "aggregation" is much less likely to occur, causing the CS to have a very long "shelf-life".

3. Q. So CS is never toxic or dangerous? A. CS must be made using water which is free from all minerals or contaminants; otherwise, while it is being made, the silver ions may join with other minerals in the water to form various silver salts, or compounds (like silver-nitrate, or silver-chloride). Some of these compounds are thought to be toxic to the human body. Generally, the best form of water is steam distilled or de-ionized water.

4. Q. What about Argyria, the "blue skin" disease? A.The reality is that there is not a single recorded case anywhere of anyone developing Argyria from the use of Colloidal Silver. What few cases are on record involve the extended use over long periods of time of enormous quantities of silver salts, meaning silver joined with other, sometimes toxic, substances (like silver-nitrate). No amount of Colloidal Silver has ever been shown to cause Argyria.

5. Q. What is the best ppm to use? How much CS is needed? A. The letters, ppm, stand for Parts Per Million.

Based upon reports from Health Professionals all over the world, the presence of silver ions in almost any

ppm is beneficial to the human body. In 1996, Dr. I. H. Tipton reported in the journal, "Health Physics", that the ideal daily intake of silver was 50-100 mcg. He believes silver to be an important trace mineral used by the body like chromium and selenium. Dr. Paul Farber reported, "Information about how much silver may have been in our ancestors diet is speculative; however, given the authoritative report by our own government some 60 years ago there is reason to believe that supplementing the body's intake of silver makes sense. One tsp of 10 PPM colloidal silver .001 to .004 particle size contains approximately 50 mcg (millionths of a gram).

Therefore two teaspoons would contain an equivalent level to that found in the USA food supply of more than 60 years ago.It could be argued that the amount taken to reach a level equal to our pre-ndustrialized

ancestors could even be more than double that figure." Remarkable results have been reported with ppm levels as low as .3 ppm. That's one third of 1 ppm! Some CS producers claim to make their product as high as 1000 ppm, using 10,000 volts of electricity. But the beneficial effect appears to be consistently positive,whatever the ppm or quantities of CS consumed. Some people experience benefits ingesting as little as 1/4 teaspoon per day, while others settle on 1 to 2 ounces or more per day.

6. Q. What happens if I take too much? Can I overdose?

A. The only negative effect reported by CS users is a phenomenon called the "Herxheimer effect", named

afterdoctor Karl Herxheimer (who identified this phenomenon). Sometimes, when a person starts off for the first time ingesting a large amount of CS, the CS is so efficient at killing pathogens in the body that the body cannot adequately dispose of the dead pathogens through the normal eliminative organs, and it resorts to the secondary ones, the lungs, sinuses and skin. Or the CS user may experience diarrhea, as the body tries to flush itself out. In that case, one merely needs to reduce or temporarily stop the CS until the healing crisis is over, and then start taking smaller amounts of CS. A new European Union Drinking Water Standard in draft form has removed any limitations on silver in drinking water following the World Health Organization's "Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality" which states, "It is unnecessary to recommend any health-based guidelines for silver as it is not hazardous to human health." According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Poison Control Center, CS is considered harmless. Dr. Samuel Etris, a senior consultant at the Silver Institute,says there has never been any allergenic, toxic or carcinogenic reactions to CS. The U.S.

Government's Center for Disease Control confirmed that fact in 1995.

CS for Candida, Yeast Infections, and Athlete's Foot

by Marvin Robey

Yeast and mold infections are among the most difficult to treat of human ailments. Some of them are also among the most debilitating, such as candida yeast. Candida yeast will readily grow in any moist area of the body, such as the mouth ("thrush"), groin ("jockitch"),vagina ("yeast infection"), and intestines.

Candida yeast is found naturally in the body, but is normally kept under control by friendly bacteria, such as acidophilus. But candida yeast often gets out of control following the use of antibiotics. The antibiotic kills off the friendly acidophilus and aerobic bacteria but does not affect the yeast. Without the friendly organisms such as the multiple strains of acidophilus to control it, candida grows fast. The excess sugar of diabetes will also provide food for yeast, causing it to proliferate. Diabetics are therefore especially prone to this type of


The intestines form perfect breeding grounds for candida. If the condition becomes bad enough, eventually the candida irritate an area of the intestine so much that their toxins penetrate the intestinal wall into the blood stream, where they can break down the immune system. Soon the candida infection itself passes through the intestinal wall and the white blood cells are consumed in their struggle to control the infection, further destroying the immune system. Thus, candida is a common contributor to many diseases and conditions, such as AIDS, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, colds, flus, etc. Almost all disease and health problems are greatly aggravated by candida. Candida can sometimes be controlled by increasing the acidity of the body,especially the area the yeast is growing in. This can be done by eating acid foods, such as vinaigrette salad dressings,and by applying vinegar mixed with water to the problem area.

The best antibiotic commonly used to treat this condition is Nystatin. But Nystatin is only marginally effective against yeast, and remember that the problems probably started with the use of antibiotics to begin with.

Normally the body can handle minor yeast infections. However, when the yeast reaches the infectious stage wherein it is poisoning the blood and the immune system grows weak, such infections as athlete's foot,

vaginal yeast infections, and fungus infections under the nails cannot be fought off.

A common treatment for the general infection is a diet completely free of all sugars, even fruit and starches along with taking Nystatin. However, anyone who has tried this treatment will tell you that this very strict diet is almost impossible to follow and does little more than keep the infection from proliferating. The most effective tools against yeast infections of all kinds are acidophilus (yogurt), Colloidal Silver,and upper colonics.

Combined, they can rid the body of yeast infections about as fast as the body can dispose of the toxins from dead cultures. However, disposing of these toxins can be a real problem, for two reasons. First of all, if the intestinal infection is killed off too sudden, it is possible for the intestines to become blocked. Obviously this can be serious and sometimes requires professional treatment to clear the bowels. Second, the body tends to dispose of toxins from the blood through the skin, which causes an itchy rash when the process is too fast.Toxins from dead spores can also strain the liver and kidneys.

Therefore, it is wise to take as much acidophilus as is convenient, but to build up the use of Colloidal Silver gradually, usually starting with one teaspoon of colloidal silver a day, of about ten parts per million, or the equivalent. This is usually increased by about one oz. per day until a breaking out appears or the conditions are relieved.

The Colloidal Silver provides a three-fold attack on the problems of candida. First, the it kills off anaerobic bacteria and virii wherever it comes in contact with them. Therefore, it virtually provides a secondary immune system against all types of disease and infections, while treating the candida. Thus much of the problems of candida are treated immediately, before the candida can be cleaned out of the system.Second, Colloidal Silver is unusually effective in treating the candida infection itself. And third, it has a strange and dynamic way of healing injured and damaged tissues fast. Since yeast infections of all kinds usually attack and consume the living tissue, a healing process is badly needed, and Colloidal Silver has a very unique way of healing these tissues fast.

Users continually report that Colloidal Silver will cure athlete's foot, vaginal yeast infections, as well as candida infections of the skin very quickly and then heals the damaged tissues. However, these are often signs of an inner infection. Until the yeast infection within the body is cured, external infections keep on returning. That is no reason not to treat these conditions. But if they return, it is time to look to the source of the problems as being inward. One can, of course, find explanations for the sources of the reinfection.

However, a healthy body seldom succumbs to these infections. Colloidal Silver used internally and locally is a most effective treatment available today for all of these conditions.

Silver is a powerful, natural prophylactic/antibiotic, used for thousands of years, with no side effects. It is a catalyst, disabling the particular enzyme that all one-celled bacteria, fungus and virus, use for their oxygen metabolism, they suffocate. Yet it is of no harm to human enzymes or any part of the human body chemistry.

And it kills all disease-causing organisms, in six minutes or less, upon contact, even those pleomorphic, no matter how they mutate. Resistant strains fail to develop, and the body doesn't develop a tolerance. Colloidal Silver is both a remedy and a prevention of infections of any kind.

Having sufficient Colloidal Silver in your body is to have a superior, second immune system. It was in common use until 1938. Great Grandma put a silver dollar in the milk, to keep it fresh at room

temperature. (Ref-1,9)

Established Usage

Oral Formula (4-oz. bottle): After taking one teaspoon daily for four days take one half-teaspoon daily, as adults, (and proportional, by body weight, for children), or apply directly to cuts, scrapes and open sores, or put a few drops on a small Band-Aid and wear over warts, cuts, abrasions, or any open sore, or dab directly onto eczema or such itchy areas, or acne, mosquito bites, or any skin problem. Water is purified by adding one half-teaspoon per gallon, shake well, wait six minutes, and shake again, wait six minutes, and drink. Mix it this way, it's tasteless, and drink two quarts, over a day's time, especially with meals, as a great digestive aid, because it eliminates fermentation.

It is the ideal food preservative, because it is also good for you. Use in canning at one-quarter teaspoon per quart. Those already using Colloidal Silver report that they catch milder, and fewer if any, colds or flu. The emphasis is on the prevention of all infections. There are never any side effects. It never does any harm to the liver, kidneys, any other organ, system or any part of the body. No-one has ever overdosed, regardless of the amount, as it is not at all an allopathic poison. The Intravenous Formula, (1/2 oz. bottle/adult, proportional), is often preferred as it is more long lasting and for some people, works better. Syringes are available from veterinary suppliers, like IFA. (Ref-1,7,9,11,12,d)

Recognized Remedies

The following is a partial list of the more than 650 diseases that Colloidal Silver has been used successfully against: acne, acne rosacea,AIDS(Ref-2),

allergies, appendicitis, arthritis, athlete's foot, tuberculosis, bladder inflammation, blood parasites (cause gray hair), blood poisoning, boils, bubonic plague, burns, cancer (Ref-7,8), candida ,chilblains, cholera, colitis ,conjunctivitis, cystitis, diabetes (Ref-1), dysentery, eczema, fibrositis, gastritis, gonorrhea, hay fever, herpes, impetigo, indigestion, keratitis, leprosy, leukemia, lupus, lymphangitis, lyme disease,malaria, meningitis, neurasthenia, parasitic infections both viral and fungal, pneumonia, pleurisy,prostate, pruritus ani,psoriasis, purulent ophthalmia, rhinitis, rheumatism, ringworm, scarlet fever, septic conditions of the eyes, ears, mouth and throat,seborrhea, septicemia, shingles, skin cancer, staph infections, strep infections, syphilis, thyroid,tonsillitis, toxemia, trachoma, trenchfoot, dermatitis, all forms of virus, warts, whooping cough,yeast infection , stomach ulcer, and also canine parvovirus and other veterinary uses. Also in all bacterial, fungal and viral attacks on plants. Simply spray diluted Silver on the leaves and add to soil water. (Ref-1,2,3,4,7,8,11,12).

Additionally There has never been a drug interaction with any other medication. Colloidal Silver has been found to be both a remedy and a prevention for all colds, all flu, all infections and all fermentation

due to any bacteria, fungus or virus,especially staph and strep, which are found present in every disease conditionThrough simple high school biology studies we learn that all living things exist in the colloidal form. The body can more readily use medications already in the colloidal form, as opposed to crystalline. Colloidal Silver is the most useable form of the most effective disease fighter there is. The body actually needs Colloidal Silver to fight disease-causing organisms, and to aid healing. The adult RDA for Silver is 400 milligrams. Taken orally each day, it's like having a second immune system. Older folks feel younger because their body energies are used for something other than fighting disease, and digestion is better. Medical research has proven that Silver promotes rapid healing, with less scar tissue,even in the case of severe burns.

Silver aids the developing fetus in growth, health, and eases the delivery and recovery. Fantastic successes have been reported in many cases previously given up by establishment doctors. Colloidal

Silver is tasteless and won't sting, even Baby's eyes and won't upset the stomach. It is produced today by a modernized original process, at a tiny fraction of the pre-1938 cost, and is more concentrated. Contains no free radicals, as the Silver acts only as a catalyst, and is stabilized. This is not a chemical compound containing Silver, but pure metallic silver of submicroscopic clusters of just a few atoms, held in suspension, in pure water, by the tiny electric charge on each atom. It is absolutely non-toxic, (except to one-celled plants and animals), and non-addicting. Colloidal Silver is the remedy for all infections, even the non-apparent, low-grade general body infections most people have. Parasites are also killed, as they have an egg-stage in their reproductive cycle, which is

one-celled and therefore killed in six minutes or less). Keep from freezing, and in a cool, dark place.



Use of Colloids in Health and Disease. Colloidal Silver is proven particularly effective in cases of intestinal troubles. Dr. Henry Crooks found that silver in the colloidal state is highly germicidal, quite harmless to humans and absolutely non-toxic. Rather than in a chemical compounds the Silver, in the Colloidal state, may be applied in a much more concentrated form, with correspondingly better results. All fungus, virus, bacterium, streptococcus, staphylococcus, and other pathogenic organisms are killed in three or four minutes; in fact, there is no microbe known that is not killed by Colloidal Silver in six minutes or less, at a dilution of as little as 5 parts per million, though there are no side effects whatsoever from high concentrations.


Provo Herald 13 Feb. 92, pg.D1: Colloidal Silver as a cure for AIDS.


American Drug Index, section on Inorganic Pharmaceutical Chemistry, recognized Silver for its germicidal action, calling a stabilized form: Mild Silver Protein. There are several forms of Mild silver Protein.


The Condensed Chemical Dictionary 6th Edition: Mild Silver Protein is listed for medical use, (the "Protein" is the trace used as a stabilizer).


The FDA has stated that because Colloidal Silver is (by fifty years) a pre-1938 drug, it may continue to be marketed. A 13 Sept. 1991, letter received from consumer safety officer, Harold Davis, U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Moreover, the FDA has no jurisdiction regarding a pure, mineral element.


Environmental Protection Agency's Poison control Center reports no toxicity listing for

Colloidal Silver, considering it harmless in any concentration.


Dr. Robert Becker The Body Electric, recognized a correlation between low Silver levels and sickness. He said the Silver deficiency was responsible for the improper functioning of the immune system. Dr.Becker's experiments conclude that Silver works on the full spectrum of pathogens without any side effects or damage to any cells of the body, (being tissue and not single cells). He also states that the Silver was doing something more than killing disease-causing organisms. It was also causing major growth stimulation of injured tissues. Burn patients and even elderly patients noticed more rapid healing. And he discovered that all cancer cells change back to normal cells.

All strains of pathogens resistant to other antibiotics are killed by Silver. Yet at that time he couldn't find a Silver supplement on the market.


Dr.Bjorn Nordstrom, of the Karolinska Institute, Sweden, has used Silver in his cancer cure method, for many years. He says the whole thing is quite simple. This brought rapid remission in patients given up by other doctors.


Silver Our Mightiest Germ Fighter Science Digest March 1978. As an antibiotic, Silver kills over 650 disease-causing organisms; resistant strains fail to develop. Silver is absolutely non-toxic.

Silver is the best all around germ-fighter we have. Doctors are reporting that, taken internally, it works against syphilis,cholera and malaria, diabetes and severe burns. Richard L Davies, executive director of the Silver Institute, which monitors Silver technology in 37 countries, reports: "In four years we've described 87 important new medical uses for Silver."


Colloidal Preparations of Silver in Pharmacy British Medical Journal, Feb 1923, Pure silver is entirely non-irritant. In tests, at very high dilution rates, exceeding two-hundred to one, it has been shown repeatedly that the rapidly exerted disinfectant action is of considerable therapeutic value.


"Medical Silver Home Remedies" Maurace Worthington, M.D., 1928.


Dr. Otto Warburg (Nobel Prize 1932) Said Cancer is caused by a lack of oxygen and the fermentation of sugar.

Disclaimer: This article on Colloidal Silver has been written and presented strictly for informational and educational purposes only.. The information conveyed herein is based on pharmacological and other records both ancient and modern. ... No claims whatsoever as to any specific benefits accruing from the use of Colloidal Silver.

"A Few Unique Plus Traditional Uses For Silver Colloid"

By: Dr. Robert C. Beck

When you control a source of penny-per-gallon make-it-yourself high concentration silver colloid (see attached how-to page) you can use it for hundreds of health improvement applications. A few are suggested here. You can use most tap water to make colloid for industrial and external uses and distilled or de-ionized water for internal or injectable applications.

Add to suspected drinking water when traveling or camping. Colloid sprayed burns heal rapidly without scarring. Safely sterilize anything from toothbrushes to surgical instruments. Use topically on cuts, wounds, abrasions, rashes, sunburn, razor nicks, bandages. Spray on garbage to prevent decay odors. Mist kitchen sponges, towels, cutting boards to eliminate E. Coli 0157:H7 and salmonella bacteria to prevent food poisoning, gastrointestinal inflammation, and genital tract infections.

Add when canning, preserving, bottling. Use like peroxide on zits and acne. Add to juices. Milk will delay spoiling, fermenting, deteriorating, clabbering or curdling. Spray in shoes, between toes, between legs to stop most skin itch,athletes foot, fungi, jock itch. Diminish dandruff, psoriasis, skin rashes, etc. dd to bath water,gargle, douches, colon irrigation, nasal spray and dental water-pic solutions. Cuts downtime dramatically with colds, flu, pneumonia, staph, strep, respiratory infections and rhino viruses. Skin itch, eye and ear infections, some moles and warts vanish when colloid is sprayed on body after bathing. Use with Q-tip on fingernail, toenail, and ear fungi. Neutralize tooth decay and bad breath. Colloid stops halitosis by eliminating bacteria deep in throat and on back of tongue. Unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics, silver colloid never permits strain-resistant pathogens to evolve. Put a few drops on band-aids and bandages to shorten healing times. Health professionals might

consider IV and IM injections. Tumor and polyp shrinking is reported when masses are injected directly (when colloid is added to sterile physiological saline or Ringer's Solution which contains ~9000 ppm sodium chloride). Toothaches, mouth sores, bacterial irritations are diminished. Soak dentures. Spray refrigerator, freezer and food storage bin interiors. Stop mildew and wood rot.

Mix in postage stamp, envelope, and tape moistening wells, paint and paste pots to prevent bacterial growth, odors, spoiling or souring.

Add to water based paints, wallpaper paste, dishwasher, cleaning and mopping solutions, etc.

Spray pet bedding and let dry. Spray on top of contents of opened jam, jelly, and condiment containers and inside lids before replacing. Mix a little in pet water, birdbaths, cut flower vases.

Always add to swamp cooler water. Spray air conditioner filters after cleaning. Swab air ducts and vents to prevent breeding sites for germs. Use routinely in laundry final rinse water and always before packing away seasonal clothes. Damp clothes or towels and washcloths will not sour or mildew. Eliminate unwanted microorganisms in planter soils and hydroponics systems.

Spray plant foliage to stop fungi, molds, rot, and most plant diseases. Treat pools, fountains, humidifiers, Jacuzzis, hot tubs, baths, dishwashers, recirculating cooling tower water, gymnasium

foot dips, and bath and shower mats. Spray inside shoes, watch bands and gloves and under fingernails periodically. Treat shower stalls, tubs, fonts, animal watering troughs, shavers to avoid trading germs. Rinse fruit and vegetables before storing or using. Put in cooking water. Human and animal shampoos become disinfectants. Prevent carpets, drapes, wallpaper from mildewing. Wipe telephone mouthpieces, pipe sterns, headphones, hearing aids, eyeglass frames, hairbrushes, combs, loofas.Excellent for diapers and diaper rash.Do toilet seats, bowls, tile floors, sinks, urinals, doorknobs. Kill persistent odors. Rinse invalid pillowcases, sheets, towels and bedclothes. There are literally thousands of other essential uses for this ridiculously inexpensive, odorless, tasteless, colorless, totally benign and easily produced powerful non-toxic disinfectant and healing agent.

You'll find that a spray or misting bottle of silver colloid solution may be the most useful health enhancement tool in your environment.

UPDATE: 05/03/08 nano-silver is used in over 200 products and the CROOKS are trying to get it banned. heres a list of the uses. they couldn't get it banned for any side effects on health so now they are trying to get it banned as a PESTICIDE.if they succeed it will mean more money for BIG PHARMA selling all thier crap that isn't needed, is poisonous or doesn't work. they're scared to death that it's catching on big.

heres why they're scared. it kills MRSA too

NOTHING in existance has the potential to de-stabilize the market like colloidal silver. IMAGINE the impact of a perfectly harmless medicine that works 100% of the time and can be easily made by anyone for pennies a gallon. it would replace 90% + of existing medicines thus bankrupting hugh segments of not only the drug manufacturers but doctors and hospitals as well because they would be needed so much less. so you can see why the powers that be want to SUPPRESS COLLOIDAL SILVER so badly.

UPDATE! Dec.01,2009

it's been some time since I updated. Colloidal Silver is now being used by many mainstream manufacturers and medical personel.There are over 700 different devices and uses for colloidal silver now on the market.NOW the people who have the most to lose are attempting to attack it by attacking NANO PARTICLES in general. they have unsuccessfully tried to find ANYTHING IN THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT that is harmed by NANO PARTICLES of ANY TYPE so they can claim it is harming endangered species. like they did for DDT which it turns out was based on fraudulent data. anyway heres some links that will update you on the real situation.

ask yourself this.... would they manufacture these 700+devices if they didn't research and develope them so they KNOW they are effective?

would they market them if they thought there were ANY LIABILITY issues?